Monday, October 11, 2010

Hanging low

Right before my mom left we went to a tie dye party. This is what we made. Isa made the one on the left and I made the one on the right for Rosie.


Then my mom left and since then we have been hanging low.

Doesn’t she look cute with Rosie? They match!


Jimmy is now rooming with Isa. Check out his new nook.


Marc and Isa are getting ready to cheer for NU! Marc got some great Northwestern garb for his birthday!


Jimmy playing nice with his sister, Rosie!


Jimmy LOVES his little sister.


We went to the park and Jimmy played with the other kids and made cake with sticks and leaves!



We played toy store. Jimmy was a happy customer!


Here Rosie is on the floor. She gets very little floor time because I’m afraid she will get hurt by one of her siblings or worse, stepped on by me. This is a typical expression from Rosie. She is sooo serious.

2010 oct play1

Jimmy has been playing a new game. He hides things everywhere…under the couch, under the dresser, behind the changing table, and his most favorite place is in the air vents in the floor.

2010 oct play

I forgot to mention that Jimmy got a hair cut. Marc took him and he screamed bloody murder the whole time. He fell asleep on the way home.


Jimmy just keeps on trying to clean up. If we can’t find anything, we look underneath the couch first, odds are…Jimmy hid it there.


Thankfully, Marc put a screen over the holes so nothing can go down the vents. That is all Jimmy!



  1. Oh my, Rosie is getting so big! She is such a doll. Love the pics of Jimmy putting stuff in the vents, what a trouble maker! Great haircut too, cutie pie.

  2. I have so much to comment on...
    I want to go to a tie dye party! Love the new bed for Jimmy. Very crafty! Evan is serious too, just like Rosie. Jack hides things everywhere too, just like Jimmy. And Jimmy looks so handsome with his new hair cut. What a grown up little boy.

  3. seriously cute pics!! your kids are precious. and jimmy looks like such a big boy with that cute haircut!