Friday, October 15, 2010

It’s my birthday!

I turned the big 33 this week. It has been fun. Marc made a bunch of birthday signs and hung them up around the house. He bought me some fancy boots and some cute shirts. Isa got to stay up late and help Marc make a birthday cake. It was delish! Isa drew a cake for me but then gave it away (classic Isa move). Marc and I drank some yummy champagne and watched Iron Man 2. Yes, we know how to Par-tay!

2010 oct north shore play group

a cute photo of Rosie


Check out her mad head holding up skills!


Jimmy’s so cute. Marc, please note his brows. He’s always complaining that our kids have no eyebrows.


We went to the North Shore Down Syndrome Community play group. Jimmy got lots of attention from the older girls! This is Jimmy and Lulu. For the record, Jimmy’s first kiss was on Oct. 15, 2010.



Isa and the other siblings had fun too.


Jimmy doing his best James Dean. His PT put him there to practice standing against a wall.


My two soldiers. They spent a lot of time choosing these scary uniforms. Please note that my daughter is a full head shorter than her friend, Eloise. All my kids are so short!


I bought myself a new baby wearing carrier. I was gonna buy a sling and two people at the store talked me into trying on this one called the sleepy wrap. It takes a little time to put on and take off but it’s so comfy. Check out Jimmy protesting physical therapy in the lower right corner of the photo. Thanks Eloise for posing with me.


My two cutie soldiers hitting bats. That game ended as soon as I took the photo. That was an accident about to happen.

DSC05194 I will leave you with two Isa quotes.

"i like to watch commercials because it tells you what to get."

Isa explaining to me that her head tells her to do bad stuff. “right now my head is telling me not to go to sleep. if i listen, then i will be bad, but it told me to do it. i don’t always listen to it, that’s when i’m good.”

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  1. happy happy birthday! Love the picture of Jimmy (the "eyebrow" shot) he is such a little love