Monday, November 29, 2010

So much to be thankful for…

Rosie has started to play! She looks at her toys on her mat and grabs them and is even putting them in her mouth. A big milestone for our three month old babe.

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 018

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 154

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 125

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 014

Jimmy has started walking with his walker. A VERY big deal. Marc put the little walker in front of Jimmy all weekend and by Sunday he had it down. Today, Monday, he was able to pull himself up to the little walker and start walking all on his own.

Jimmy walking!

I was so busy taking videos of Jimmy with his walker that I didn’t take any pictures. Here is Jimmy saying Go Texas!

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 042In the background you can see Isa hard at work. This is what she was working on. She made everyone in the family. The eyes were made from a broken tambourine.  The one on the bottom is her doll Emily. Where’s Rosie? She is with yellow eyes, Daddy, and Rosie is the little one at the bottom of the page.

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 046

a cute photo of Daddy and Rosie

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 048

Dance Party! Marc is the best with keeping up with all the tech type blogs and made my phone a remote so that I can play anything from his ITunes library just by pushing a few buttons on my phone. It makes for great dance parties.

2010-11-29 2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more

Our family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was quiet compared to most Harrison gatherings as we were missing Ellie and Randy and Kit, Janet and their kiddos. The food was delicious though. I think we should have Thanksgiving every month.

Jimmy with his Aunt Tessa

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 090

Poor Tommy was sick. He did his best not to get anyone else sick.

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 092

Papa Jeph and Rosie. Look at her smile peeking out. So cute!

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 094

Isa and I snuggling up and watching Ratatouille…a great way to digest some food.

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 097

Look at this handsome little devil!

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 098

and this beautiful little girl.

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 104

I’m so thankful for my beautiful kids and my great husband. He did this for me so I could sleep in till the sun came up. Yes, please note that is pitch black outside and both Isa and Jimmy were up. All I wanted was a little bit more sleep so Marc turned on the TV to buy me a little more time. Don’t they look sweet?

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 116

And, I’m thankful for friends that allow us to bring our kids to their home. Ha! Let’s just say that the kids had fun…the old folk enjoyed the Bears game…well at least the parts they got to watch.

Jimmy and Henry must have hugged each other over 10 times. They were so cute together.

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 134Dance Henry and Rosie!

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 143Here Isa is reciting a letter for Santa to Joe. I don’t know what happened to that letter. I hope Santa gets it.

2010 Nov Thanksgiving Walker art work and more 132

We had a wonderful holiday weekend! Thanks to all of you who make our life so great! We love you!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Uncle Jacob came to visit!

My younger bro, Jake-O, came to visit and he got us out of the house. We went to the zoo and the Children’s museum downtown. I went out for drinks, then Marc went out for drinks, and Isa went out to see Megamind. Isa lasted about an hour…it was too scary. It was great to change up our schedule and venture out into the world.

At the zoo. Please note the giraffe and the ostrich in the background.


This is what Isa wore to the zoo.


Jimmy loved the fish. The only two animals Jimmy showed real emotion for were the fish and the giraffe. I’m not too sure he noticed the others. Every time we pointed to something he would just look at our pointed hand. Hopefully, I am wrong and he observed all of the animals. It’s so hard to tell.



This is how Rosie rolls at the zoo.


We are at McDonalds and Jimmy is signing more, more, more. He was hungry and thirsty. Come on Jake, speed it up.


Isa wearing another original outfit.


Jimmy found a mirror on the floor. He could have stayed there all night.


Jimmy checking himself out in a different mirror. This time he’s thinking he would make a handsome firefighter.



Isa and Jacob are building something. I think Jacob was a little sad when Isa lost interest. He wanted to build something but Isa just wanted to look like a builder.


Rosie at the Children’s museum.


Jimmy giving this doll a kiss.


Thank you for visiting us Uncle Jacob. Your uncle stock just went up!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleep Over Fun!

Isa had her cousin, Olivia, sleep over last Saturday. The girls had lots of fun. We went to a fundraiser at Jimmy’s school. They got to wear their pajamas, do a couple of scavenger hunts, decorate a night light, buy a book, and dance with JeanieB. The girls went to sleep fairly quick and were very nice to one another. What more can we ask for?


Rosie was ready to party too.


Here the girls are scavenging.










I hope the girls have fond memories of these sleep overs when they are older.

Jimmy Jims!

Jimmy at his favorite mirror at school.


Since Rosie was born, I kind of let his therapist take over and I haven’t worked with Jimmy on his fine or gross motor skills too much, but I am back in the game.

This is where Jimmy eats his snack at school.


He has been primarily using a sippy cup with no valve all week. This week he will see his occupational therapist and we are going to practice using the valve. Once he masters that we will focus on the straw again.

Can he be any cuter?


We are working on his walking too. If I am not holding Rosie or if she is strapped to me then I make Jimmy walk while holding my hands. Sometimes he will walk across the room with just a pause here or there to sign a word but other times he stops all together after a step or two.  I give him a moment or two and then encourage Jimmy to walk some more with me. His endurance has improved so much with just one week of daily practice. My goal is to have him walk with me from one end of the house to the other end. I bet if we are diligent he will be able to do it before Christmas.

He loves to dance with his sister.


Jimmy’s OT has been meeting with Jimmy at his preschool but last week and this week she is coming to our house since there is no school. She really wants to work on his fine motor skills such as puzzles, using a spoon (I am so not excited about this one because he can make such a big mess), hitting objects with a hammer and pulling stuff like the eyes, nose, ears of Mr. Potato head out of his head.  There was a break from practicing his fine motor skills due to the schedule at Jimmy’s school and it was amazing how frustrating and hard it was for him last week when he worked on them. I hope this week will be a little bit easier since we have been practicing.

Look at this mischievous smile! He took off his pants. What a stinker!


The coolest thing I have seen from Jimmy happened this morning. Jimmy was playing with a toy and Isa stole it from him and ran into their room. Jimmy then screamed and crawled at a speed I have never seen before after her. He was angry and he was going to let Isa know. I love it!

Now kiss me!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Popular!

Yesterday I met with Jimmy’s teachers and today I met with Isa’s teachers and the one common thread for the two of them are that they are popular. At Jimmy’s school they went as far to say that he was the most popular kid in the school. Isa’s teachers said that many of the parents talk about how their kid talks about Isa. Her teachers went on to say that Isa plays with everybody and is nice to everybody. Isa and Jimmy are both happy kids and they are doing well and learning at school. Yay!

Rosie has become more popular in my book by sleeping through the night. It was just one night but my fingers are crossed for two.

Isa has been busy making lots of art. Here are a few of my favorites.

Apple Tree


A turkey.DSC05590

an elephant next to an apple tree.


and her soccer team.


This week Rosie has been talking more. If you want to see some Rosie cuteness, click on me.


Isa had a blanket party. She kind of let Jimmy in but he kept messing up the blankets. This is Isa pouting about Jimmy messing it up.


It’s kind of funny but Jimmy really is becoming a little rascal. One time Isa was doing a puzzle and Jimmy crawled into the room, grabbed two pieces of the puzzle and then crawled out super fast. He totally knew what he was doing.

Here Isa is explaining all the rules.


Jimmy just makes us laugh all the time. Check him out. He’s in dance party mode.


Here is Isa in her tiny tiny castle made up of two chairs and two pillows.


What’s going on down there?