Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jimmy Jims!

Jimmy at his favorite mirror at school.


Since Rosie was born, I kind of let his therapist take over and I haven’t worked with Jimmy on his fine or gross motor skills too much, but I am back in the game.

This is where Jimmy eats his snack at school.


He has been primarily using a sippy cup with no valve all week. This week he will see his occupational therapist and we are going to practice using the valve. Once he masters that we will focus on the straw again.

Can he be any cuter?


We are working on his walking too. If I am not holding Rosie or if she is strapped to me then I make Jimmy walk while holding my hands. Sometimes he will walk across the room with just a pause here or there to sign a word but other times he stops all together after a step or two.  I give him a moment or two and then encourage Jimmy to walk some more with me. His endurance has improved so much with just one week of daily practice. My goal is to have him walk with me from one end of the house to the other end. I bet if we are diligent he will be able to do it before Christmas.

He loves to dance with his sister.


Jimmy’s OT has been meeting with Jimmy at his preschool but last week and this week she is coming to our house since there is no school. She really wants to work on his fine motor skills such as puzzles, using a spoon (I am so not excited about this one because he can make such a big mess), hitting objects with a hammer and pulling stuff like the eyes, nose, ears of Mr. Potato head out of his head.  There was a break from practicing his fine motor skills due to the schedule at Jimmy’s school and it was amazing how frustrating and hard it was for him last week when he worked on them. I hope this week will be a little bit easier since we have been practicing.

Look at this mischievous smile! He took off his pants. What a stinker!


The coolest thing I have seen from Jimmy happened this morning. Jimmy was playing with a toy and Isa stole it from him and ran into their room. Jimmy then screamed and crawled at a speed I have never seen before after her. He was angry and he was going to let Isa know. I love it!

Now kiss me!


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  1. Love that mischievous look! I have been slacking on therapy lately. I've got to get back into it too!