Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Popular!

Yesterday I met with Jimmy’s teachers and today I met with Isa’s teachers and the one common thread for the two of them are that they are popular. At Jimmy’s school they went as far to say that he was the most popular kid in the school. Isa’s teachers said that many of the parents talk about how their kid talks about Isa. Her teachers went on to say that Isa plays with everybody and is nice to everybody. Isa and Jimmy are both happy kids and they are doing well and learning at school. Yay!

Rosie has become more popular in my book by sleeping through the night. It was just one night but my fingers are crossed for two.

Isa has been busy making lots of art. Here are a few of my favorites.

Apple Tree


A turkey.DSC05590

an elephant next to an apple tree.


and her soccer team.


This week Rosie has been talking more. If you want to see some Rosie cuteness, click on me.


Isa had a blanket party. She kind of let Jimmy in but he kept messing up the blankets. This is Isa pouting about Jimmy messing it up.


It’s kind of funny but Jimmy really is becoming a little rascal. One time Isa was doing a puzzle and Jimmy crawled into the room, grabbed two pieces of the puzzle and then crawled out super fast. He totally knew what he was doing.

Here Isa is explaining all the rules.


Jimmy just makes us laugh all the time. Check him out. He’s in dance party mode.


Here is Isa in her tiny tiny castle made up of two chairs and two pillows.


What’s going on down there?



  1. Popular...geez...brag about your kids much? I love the way each player on her soccer team gets a sun over his/her head.

  2. That is too cute. Nat calls Lucas her little bother, I think she got that one from TV. Love the little video of Rosie.

  3. they are just too adorable. oh yeah couldyou just rosie to stop growing up so quickly?

  4. of course they are the most popular!!
    I love the shot of Isa explaining the rules to Jimmy. I can practically hear what she is saying. Or maybe that is E's voice in my head...