Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Uncle Jacob came to visit!

My younger bro, Jake-O, came to visit and he got us out of the house. We went to the zoo and the Children’s museum downtown. I went out for drinks, then Marc went out for drinks, and Isa went out to see Megamind. Isa lasted about an hour…it was too scary. It was great to change up our schedule and venture out into the world.

At the zoo. Please note the giraffe and the ostrich in the background.


This is what Isa wore to the zoo.


Jimmy loved the fish. The only two animals Jimmy showed real emotion for were the fish and the giraffe. I’m not too sure he noticed the others. Every time we pointed to something he would just look at our pointed hand. Hopefully, I am wrong and he observed all of the animals. It’s so hard to tell.



This is how Rosie rolls at the zoo.


We are at McDonalds and Jimmy is signing more, more, more. He was hungry and thirsty. Come on Jake, speed it up.


Isa wearing another original outfit.


Jimmy found a mirror on the floor. He could have stayed there all night.


Jimmy checking himself out in a different mirror. This time he’s thinking he would make a handsome firefighter.



Isa and Jacob are building something. I think Jacob was a little sad when Isa lost interest. He wanted to build something but Isa just wanted to look like a builder.


Rosie at the Children’s museum.


Jimmy giving this doll a kiss.


Thank you for visiting us Uncle Jacob. Your uncle stock just went up!



  1. My bear cub doesn't follow pointing either and I always wonder. She will look from you to something to draw your attention to it, but she won't follow your gaze if you try the same thing.

    Did you do anything special to introduce a doll to Jimmy? I bought dolls for my girls for when Darth Baby is born, but I don't know if I should do anything special to introduce them.

    I love Isa's fashion sense. The nerdlet definitely has opinions on her outfits, too.

  2. I actually laughed out loud because of Isa's zoo outfit. Oh she is one funny chick. The museum looks fun. Maybe someday we can go together. And Rosie making mothering look like a cinch.

  3. love isa's style. Brooke was the same way. WIlliam's therapists used to say she would be a fashion designer in NY one day HA! Wish you were closer the kids would have so much fun together. looks like you all had a great time