Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve!

Isa made a ginger bread brownie man!


half way done!




little does Isa know but this fudge brownie ginger bread man ran as fast he can…right out the door and through the fence.


cutie, smiley Rosie!



Christmas with Jonny and Lisa on Christmas Eve! Lisa’s mom, Mary was there and some friends of Jonny and Lisa.

Marc and Jimmy are decked out in red and green.


Isa, Lisa, and Mary are decorating cookies for Santa and one or two for us!


Rosie and Me! No one ever wants to take a picture of me so I had to take one myself!


Presents! Wait, it’s not all about the presents. I have to keep reminding myself of that. Err! Isa opened up nearly all the gifts. Mary got a TABLE RUNNER! Marc will be making pancakes with M&Ms very soon (way better than chocolate chips!) and, Jimmy just wanted to go home and take a nap. He’s like, I don’t care about all this, why is everyone making a mess? Ugh, can I go home?

2010 Dec Christmas EveA group photo of everyone minus one.



Lisa and Rosie! Why is Rosie sticking her tongue out at Uncle Jonny? He took the photo…just saying!


Cause she’s so cute!


I thought it would take awhile to get Christmas ready but we were done very early. Now Marc and I are having some champagne and we are about to have a frozen pizza. Yes, we do it right!



I’m so excited for tomorrow morning! Marc’s been playing up Isa’s gift to me. It was all her idea and she charmed the people behind the counter picking out the exact one she thought I needed. So curious. Happy Birthday Jesus! Your birthday is the best.

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  1. oh what nice family pictures. jimmy and R look so much alike do you have any baby picts of I? just wondering if you can see a resemblance with all three kiddos. Looks like a great time, hope your christmas was great. so what was I's gift to you? can't wait to find out.