Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Fun!

Last Saturday Marc took Isa to see Pinkalicious and met up with Uncle Kit and Olivia. Peter is Isa’s favorite.


This was Isa’s second time to see the play and she didn’t feel the need to wear pink this time.

While they were at Pinkalicious, Jimmy, Rosie and I were at the Misericordia Christmas Party. Jimmy  had fun! He spent most of his time at the party in front of this mirror. Seriously, who is that super cool dude?


He hung out with Santa too. He was a little nervous about the guy in the red suit but I was able to make him forget about him for a second.


Rosie was the oldest of three babies at the party. There was a one week old and a three month old. She still got lots of attention. Here Francesca is having a great time holding Rosie.


Two smiling girls!


and then she was passed over to a future mama whose name escapes me at the moment.


You buy them toys but all they really want to play with are bowls.


Here he is sharing the bowl with Claire and signing hat over and over again…all while checking himself out!


What you looking at?


The MSG Christmas Party. Guy Pic!


Jack came over to play with us. When I asked him to smile he did this. Isn’t he the cutest and walking like a pro?


Jimmy liked playing with Evan, Jack’s little bro, he is more his size!


I tried to get one of Jimmy and Jack right before Jack left.


Isa also had a friend named Jack come over. They played very well together. And, not the best pics but check out our new swing set. Our neighbors moved into a new house with a better swing set and gave this one to us. LOVE it! It’s the best Christmas present ever.

Isa Jack swing setIsa Jack swing set2isa jack blocksisa jack blocks2

Merry Christmas!


  1. That's a cute pic of Jack and Jimmy. Jimmy's got this sly look on his face. So cute! Send me that one when you can. Merry Christmas!

  2. oh what fun! sweet santa picture.