Friday, December 17, 2010

Jimmy’s Holiday Party

Jimmy had fun at his holiday party. JeanieB came to sing a few holiday songs. It’s a little blurry but this is how Jimmy reacted.


Jimmy is posing with Paula, his aide. He was smiling a few seconds ago.


This is Jimmy’s favorite part of the class room. Every class they have something different in here. Today it was fake snow. Sometimes they have water, sand or beans and Jimmy can’t get enough of it. We will be purchasing a sand/water table for him this summer.


Let me just tell you that he has no problem using a spoon. He tried hard to eat the fake snow with the spoon. It was no problem at all. He also put some in a cup and drank it. I don’t know what I am going to do with this kid.


This is where Jimmy sits for snack. He’s excited about something!



The kids showed off their skills by playing a donut game. They all have to sit and wait their turn and then pick the correct color of donut. It was very cute.



  1. Looks like fun! LOL at him trying to eat and drink the face snow, though! :O

  2. Jimmy is so cute! Do you think Alyssa and him could date one day??? hehe!