Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow Fun and a whole lot more!

Today started early and was busy busy. We woke up to beautiful snow and shortly after, in the 7 o’clock hour, we went to a boy scout pancake breakfast. It was GOOD. They had these huge restaurant style griddles and made the pancakes to order and they had the yummiest sausages. It was fantastic. They even made a mickey pancake for Isa.

After we got back, Isa and Marc shoveled the driveway. Isa is a pro.


After she shoveled, Isa had to change into her ballet outfit. She is finally back in ballet. I found a class on Saturday mornings which is great because Marc or I won’t (hopefully) ever have to take all three kiddos to the class. Isa had a great time. I was a little bored since there was no viewing window. I took a book but it was hard to concentrate because I could hear the class. I really wish there was a peep hole. This is Isa right before class started. After she met her teacher, Andrea, Isa told her she (Isa) was a famous ballerina and a famous tap dancer. Earlier this week, Isa told me she didn’t want to get old because then she wouldn’t be a pretty ballerina and tap dancer. I gave her the whole spiel about inner beauty but I’m pretty sure it went in one ear and out the other.


While Isa and I were at dance class and while Rosie was sleeping, Marc and Jimmy were playing in the snow. Check out this great video Marc took.

Jimmy walking and crawling and being just darn cute in the snow.

Marc took the best photos with his phone. Here are a few of my favorites. Here Jimmy is getting ready. Check out that hair. He was born for the slopes! Too bad there aren’t any in Chicagoland.  As a nonnative Chicagoan, I have learned that the mittens I bought for my kids are insufficient. Marc will rectify that situation this weekend by running over to L.L. Bean and buying some waterproof mittens. I don’t understand why, if those are the only mittens kids should be wearing, all the stores sell cotton or wool or whatever they are made of mittens. No me culpa.


Here Jimmy appears to be warming up to the snow.


It didn’t take long for him to get  comfortable.  See below, for a glimpse at the only thing Jimmy really wanted to do in the snow. Tears are strolling down my face from laughing at this photo. Please remember this pic was taken with a phone.


This pic is just pure awesomeness. I love the tree in the background. I might have to print it and frame it.


You know, sometimes, you just want to go for a walk with your walker! Anytime Jimmy Anytime!


Isa and I returned after ballet and I gave Rosie some food and then we were off again to meet Santa. Let me tell you it was a lot of fun…for Isa. I waited in line while she ran around and had a blast. It was one of those long lines where somehow you remain the last person in that long line the whole time…which means you never really needed to wait in the line at all. Yup, and then afterwards I got to clean up, FUN!


But, it was all worth it to watch Isa tell Santa she wanted an “upballon” for Christmas. That is how she says balloon. This might be the cheapest Christmas yet. Later, while I was cleaning up, I overheard Isa telling some other moms, “of course, Santa will bring me some other stuff too.”



Here is some Rosie cuteness. She was blowing bubbles.


That is what I call a busy day. I put up some lights but we didn’t manage to get a tree. Hopefully, we do that tomorrow. Below are some random pictures from last week.

The magic broom. Isa did that all by herself. She keeps insisting there was no magic involved.


no hands


Rosie all grown up!


Jims just going for a stroll.


and tomorrow is Sunday, the day of rest, I wish!

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