Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It’s 2011!

It’s 1-11-11…so many ones. Today, on 1-11-11, Jimmy took some super tiny steps, first at school and then at home. By tiny, I mean, like an inch or so forward. Tonight, he’s wearing PJs that are too small for him and he tried to take a step in them and it just didn’t work. I will retire the PJs tomorrow and hope for a better walking experience.

In 2011, Jimmy’s preschool ends thirty minutes later, and I have literally watched him fall asleep on the way home. Today, we stopped by to pick up Isa from school after picking up Jimmy and I tried to hand him a graham cracker. He looked at me and then closed his eyes and they stayed that way for at least two more hours. He’s like, I just can’t do it anymore…pass out…see you in a few hours!

The big thing on my plate lately is thinking about where Jimmy will be in the fall of 2011. He’s eligible for the Early Childhood Center in Evanston. It’s free and he can get his therapy there. I have called them several times to set up a time so I can tour the facility and get a feel for the place but they haven’t called me back. Ugh! He could stay where he’s at, School for Little Children, which is awesome, but not free, and there is no therapy given on site (I think he could go to the Early Childhood Center for therapy on an off day but I’m not positive since they haven’t called me back). Or, we might be able to get him into St. Francis, where they have nothing set up of any kind for Jimmy and they probably won’t allow him to attend, but it would be one school for Isa and Jimmy which equals one drop off which equals convenient.

Isa has been trying to read. It’s great. I bought some BOB books almost a year ago and she has not been interested at all. I picked one up yesterday and she tried and got a few words. It was pretty exciting. She can do it if she wants to but she will also be lazy and just start guessing. She doesn’t realize that I can tell if she’s looking or not looking at the word. Silly girl! But, these are good baby steps to the world of reading.

Rosie just entered the world of the excer-saucer. She has only been in it twice now and she’s not to sure about it, but she looks cute doing it!


look at those feet! they just barely reach, if she is trying, and it’s on the lowest setting! love it!


Here is Isa. When I asked her what she was doing, she answered, “I’m dressed as a boy.” I don’t know many boys decked out in purple and pink, but ya know, I guess it’s not a dress.


I wish I had a pic of Jimmy James to share but I don’t. I hope to be posting a video of Jimmy taking some steps soon!

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