Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011!

Our day looked a little like this. It took Marc about 3 hours to shovel out our driveway and steps. I helped for about 20 minutes. Smile


Isa loved the snow. She really wanted to sled down the steps but we could only find one sled and it broke after two runs. Our yard is so small but looking for the penguin sled was like looking for a needle in a haystack.




At one point, while looking for the sled, I thought I would go to the front to get the shovel. Those 40 some feet felt like a mile. Amazingly, our backyard, across the street, neighbor, Tom, walked all the way to the front of our house to let us know the attic window was open. Thanks Tom, I know that was a hike! There was some snow in the attic but not a ton.


Jimmy, Isa, and I did an art project together. Isa and I made Valentine people and Jimmy ate the top off a green marker. He was sitting between Isa and I…I don’t know how he managed it without either of us seeing him! I looked up and there was Jimmy ready for St. Patrick’s day.


Isa also did some knitting. If anyone knows of some real, easy, kid friendly knitting tutorials, let me know. Isa really wants to knit.


Rosie and I came out to tell daddy it was 3pm. He had to get back to work.


Marc was proud of his hard work (and should be) and took a picture. That is a lot of snow shoveling for one day.



  1. Great job Marc! And Happy St. Patty's Day Jimmy. You look great being green.

  2. wow that snow shoveling is a lot, poor marc! nice greenface little man :)

  3. Wow---been thinking about all of my Chicago friends! I am impressed with Marc's shoveling. We have about an inch of ice on our driveway :( No shoveling...just slipping!

  4. Wow,all that snow is beautiful! Lots of hard work though.
    We actualy got some snow here in Texas this week.Of course all the news media are complaining because we were supposed to have pretty weather for the Super Bowl.I'll take any snow we can get!I haven't gotten to go out in it because I'm stuck in the house sick with the flu,but my children have loved it. :)
    What a funny pic. of Jimmy with his green mouth!
    All of your kids are cute :)