Sunday, February 13, 2011

It breaks my heart…

I have a hard time checking out the Reece's Rainbow website. It’s heartbreaking. I feel like I should sell my house and do whatever I can for these kids. For that reason, I try to not look at the site, so I don’t feel guilty about continuing my life and signing my kids up for camp and buying whatever it is I want to buy. Thankfully, there is a movement out there, and people are organizing giveaways to encourage people to donate to Reece’s Rainbow, so that families can adopt these wonderful kids. One of these people just happens to be a good friend of  mine from college, Lauren.  Lauren’s sister has a beautiful daughter, Abbie, with Down syndrome. Her daughter inspired her to organize this wonderful giveaway as it’s hard to imagine that if your child was born in a different country they could be tossed aside and ignored to live a short life full of neglect. Can you imagine that happening to Jimmy? She fell in love with Elizabeth and got to work to raise money for her adoption. Check out this blog with tons of information about Elizabeth. She was recently transferred to a mental institution and needs help fast. She has a family ready to adopt her. They are just trying to raise the funds, approximately 30K, to do so. Let’s help them reach their goal. A small donation makes a difference and it’s tax deductible and you could win an Ipad and other cool things too.

Help Save Elizabeth

Please check it out and donate 10 dollars or more! I did!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this Christi! I hope we can get Elizabeth home to her forever family soon. She is such a doll! -Lauren

  2. Wish I could take a recent donation that I made to a crazy person and transfer it to her...

  3. Thank you SO much for posting this! I REALLY appreciate it! I fell in love with Elizabeth immediately when I saw her, and now I just want her home with the Clarks where she belongs. I am glad to be following your blog now!