Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just another Saturday…

Jimmy has been waking up with a fever every morning and after nap for a few days now and then after a small dose of Advil he’s fine. This morning I was giving him a granola bar for a snack and he fell asleep eating it. I was trying to download an app on my phone and the next thing I know Jimmy is snoring with granola in his mouth.  He was chewing it just a few seconds earlier. Poor little guy.

Isa and I had an early lunch together and we discussed options for her birthday party in April. She really wants a Pump it Up party. I told her maybe because it costs a lot of money. She said, “maybe we can find a place just like it that cost shorter money?” I was also trying to think of other places and things we could do. I suggested we try and get JeanieB or someone like her play somewhere and then she can have a dance party. She lit up and said, “she should go to Pump it Up and play while we jump.” That’s not going to happen but it would be fun. Any ideas?

Marc and I thought this party should be something that Isa earns.  She will have to get four checks a day. She will get a check for getting ready/dressed without us having to ask her, cleaning up her room,  practicing her reading/writing, putting her clothes in the dirty clothes, singing nicely to Rosie, and one for reading a book to Jimmy. At the end of the day she can put a sticker on her calendar if she gets four checks.

Lastly, we thought instead of getting toys she can have something donated somewhere. My niece asked for books to be donated to her school library. I really like that idea since she can always check out the books when she wants to read them. Do you have any fun ideas?

Yesterday we made a big tent and took lots of pictures.


Jimmy’s wondering how to get into the tent.


He’s getting closer.DSC06988

Houston, we have a problem! (I’m not sure why I wrote that but Jimmy’s head reminds me of Earth when the Apollo 13 crew used Earth as a way to guide them back home.)



the girls!


Jims working the train.



Isa modeling



  1. I like both the idea for earning her party and donating books to the library. I've tried the donating bit, but my in-laws always just ignore that request for us or our little ones which is frustrating.

  2. Jimmy is sooo cute, I wish I was cruising in my PJ all Saturday morning with you guys, looks like fun!!