Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine’s Day and (relatively) Warm Weather!

I volunteered to organize a craft for Isa’s school party. The craft was a big hit or so everyone kept telling me. It’s amazing how nice everyone is at SFX school. You feel gorgeous, skinny, and smart every time you stop by. There are 34 kids in Isa’s class. It’s insane how organized they are. It was fun to be a part of the party and make Isa feel like a queen. It was fun to hear her bragging about me being there but then a girl got sad that her mom wasn’t there so I told Isa to stop bragging. :)


Here they are sitting and waiting to receive and give Valentines. I was sweating by the end but all the kids were happy with their 34 Valentines.


The night before Valentine’s Day, Isa told Marc and me that we could put her Valentines in a bag by her door. She promised she wouldn’t look till the morning. Marc ran out and bought a big heart balloon,  made some velvet red cupcakes for her, and bought her some M&Ms. She woke up Happy! Jimmy enjoyed the cupcakes too!

This is what Jimmy would look like with a beard.


He cracks me up! He’s thinking, I got you right where I want you (“you” being the cupcake)!!!


Marc and I had a nice dinner together. I made a yummy flank steak that I scored not seared prior to marinating! Thank God! Somehow I read “score” and my brain translated it to “sear” and I almost did but thankfully reality hit just in time. Our dinner looked something like this.


Don’t they look so happy talking and hanging out? They were talking about Isa.


Jimmy: “so you think she will let me play with her Barbies?” Rosie: “you should play with them while Isa’s at school.”


Isa fashioning some new clothes.  The blue headband is a plastic scrap from the diaper genie refill. 



Isa’s been home sick the last few days and she made some cool puppets.


Today Isa and I made some sugar cookies and spelled some fun words. First she laid out all the letters from my Aunt Victoria.


She made the batter and rolled out the dough.


After we frosted the cookies, we practiced spelling some words like  sun, fun, isa, dad, did, and a few others.


After nap we went outdoors. It was 48 degrees out and you would have thought it was a summer day. The windows were open and people were venturing out. I actually ran into a neighbor. It was great.




Happy warm weather!


  1. so nice to get out but Id still stay in :)

  2. Nice looking dinner Chrisco!

  3. Tell Isa she looks like Ariel in the Little Mermaid when she grows legs. Remember the outfit? Lovely!! And I'm excited to see Rosie in her bundle me!! I love the picture of Jimmy chatting it up with Rosie, such a big brother!! Love you all!!