Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sudafed, Antibiotics, and Steroids…that’s how we roll.

It’s been a rough few days. I went to the doctor Friday and was prescribed a Z-Pac for my cough. Jimmy’s strep did not get Rosie and Isa, but Isa did get an ear infection.  I got an ear infection too, even on the Z-Pac!  Today, I started a 10 day dose of antibiotics and steroids. I already feel so much better, although my back still aches.

We’re all sick, but we’ve had fun at home. Isa randomly decided to write a letter to a Leprechaun. She even drew a picture of her and the Leprechaun and they are both wearing green since that would make her happy. Yes, the Leprechaun is a female.  Anyways, Lec, came in the middle of the night and responded to her letter. She was pretty excited to see it this morning. She even left a piece of gold. Marc had a gold dollar coin. The best was that she told me to tell Marc to go to bed early so that the Leprechaun could come. She knows all about her and when she likes to pick up letters.

This is the envelop she put it in. Leprechaun is spelled incorrectly because I can’t spell! The second word is Letter but she ran out of room.


Love Isa (she asked me to spell love and I did, correctly, but she can’t hear right now with the ear infection. Her favorite question is What?)


Isa and Lec wearing green.


Letter from Lec



Jimmy got a great gift in the mail: Mardi Gras beads! Tons of them. He has been playing with them ever since. He climbed up on the sofa at least a million times with a necklace and then threw it off, climbed down, got it, and then climbed back up. It was great exercise. Thanks April! I love reading about your girls and William. He’s such a cutie pie!  If you would like to meet them, check out the Narretto Family blog.  The beads added some fun to our week of strep and ear infections. Isa even had me follow the beads to her room to find a treasure. Good fun!

Right after Jimmy got the beads he had to take care of some business! First up, put some beads down the vent. Second, play with them. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t all end up in the vent.

2011 March sick beads lep and more

Jimmy’s good at multi-tasking. Playing with beads while participating in the dance party.



Play dough fun! Jimmy’s hand.


Jimmy stacking up some blocks. When he’s happily playing by himself odds are he’s doing this.


Rosie has managed to stay healthy (which is amazing considering how many kisses and coughs have gone directly to her head in some way, shape or form) and is eating some solid baby food. She is also taking baths with Isa and Jimmy. It’s a little crowded in the bath tub but they all fit. She was dancing today in her little chair. She was totally rocking to the beat. She’s definitely a Harrison!


Bath time! The first time I put Rosie in the bath with Jimmy I was so proud of myself. Then I realized I had no idea who I would get out first. I called Marc and asked him what to do.  He said that I should get Isa to watch Jimmy for a second.  So, I employed Isa to watch Jimmy while I ran with Rosie to get her diaper and pjs and run back. I told her to scream if Jimmy’s face was in the water. She got 25 cents for that. The second time they bathed together, I was prepared with pjs and diapers for both kids.



Isa made an instruction book. If you would like to hear her explain it, watch it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!


I woke up this morning feeling amazing. I slept through the night. I don’t remember the last time that happened. I got everyone off to school and cleaned my room (it had been a super long time so it felt great to get it clean).  When I picked Jimmy up from school he looked so tired. His teacher said he lacked energy and sucked his thumb a bit. Poor guy. When I picked Isa up from school, they said she seemed a little under the weather. None of this was news to me because we all have colds so I didn’t think too much about it. Isa went to a play date (after divulging all to the play date’s mama!) and Jimmy went home for a nap. When he woke up he sounded croupy and felt warm so I called the doctor and got him an appointment at 3:30. I was planning on getting Isa before the doctor appointment but Rosie was napping and didn’t wake up till right before we needed to leave. After waiting for the doctor for 45 minutes and thinking that Jimmy was fine and that it was all a waste of my time, we saw the doctor and he did a throat culture. I didn’t wait for the results because I was tired of being at the office and I needed to pick up Isa. Literally minutes after arriving to my house and unloading everyone, Jimmy’s doctor called and informed me he has strep throat. Oh no! I have only had it once that I can remember and it was awful.  After hanging up with the doctor, my throat seemed extremely sore. I called my doctor and set up an appointment and then thought I better get Isa and Rosie checked too. So I call the doctor back to see if I could get Isa and Rosie’s throats swabbed as well. It was after 5pm and they said to hurry in and we did! By 5:30 both girls had been checked and they were negative. They keep the swabs in an incubator to see if strep will grow and if it does grow overnight they will let you know in the morning. Isn’t that cool?!  After leaving the doctor, I took the kids to get Jimmy’s prescription, and then back home to make dinner nearly an hour later than we normally eat. The good part about that is they were hungry.  Isa ate quickly and went straight to bed without changing into pajamas or brushing her teeth which makes me think she has it too.  Overall it was a productive day but it’s unfortunate that the kiddos are sick. Fingers crossed that it’s just Jimmy.

Rosie’s ready to party!


Isa pretending to be asleep.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

The longest and greatest day!

This morning I was running around the house cleaning. I had a new babysitter coming and I wanted her to be able to find the basic essentials. Marc helped in the morning rush and took Isa to school which  gave me time to take a shower and make myself presentable. The sitter arrived to a messy but much cleaner house and I was off to Isa’s school. I organized an art project with another mom for the kids’ St. Patty’s day party. I have a scab on my finger from cutting tons of paper. It was a great project though and it was fun to be there.

Once the project was over, I took off to get Rosie, and then run a bunch of errands with the windows down. I went to the bank, post office, hobby store and then to Jimmy’s school to meet with his teachers. It’s awesome to have teacher conferences for a two year old because I LOVE hearing about Jimmy. I asked one question, what is Jimmy doing.  His two teachers just bounced back and fourth talking about all the wonderful things Jimmy does. The one thing I heard the most was, his acts are purposeful. He dumps toys but then he puts them back. He focuses when they read stories and sing songs. He moves about the room and the other kids join him. He’s so social.  He wants to climb the stairs. He plays roll the ball and if he can choose between playing with a teacher or a classmate, he chooses the classmate. He is noticing the boys in his classroom and wants to play with them (I thought that was very interesting…I don’t know why but I would have thought he would prefer girls since he has two sisters…but he wants to hang out with his own gender! smart man!).

It was a great conference and then I went back home, put some snacks together, and headed for the city to hang with my nieces and nephew. We surprised Olivia at school and then walked to a nearby park. Jimmy had a great time and climbed the steps at the playground a zillion times. I was too nervous to let him go down the slide by himself so Rosie and I went with him. It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it! On the way home from our walk (about a mile each way) we stopped at a restaurant and Janet and I ate as did all of our 7 children. It was a pretty relaxing meal. Kinda amazing!

After we got back to Janet’s house, I sat on the floor of the kid’s room until it was absolutely time to leave. I did not want to get up at all. But, I finally did. We left and there was no traffic or kids crying. PERFECT! Two minutes after I walked in the door, Marc arrived. He put Isa and Jimmy in bed and then went to the store to get me alcohol. Yes, Marc’s the best. I just enjoyed watching Glee with my wine. I love random warm days in March and enjoying every minute of it.

I have a few pictures to add from Isa’s school and a video from the park but that involves me getting off the couch and I just can’t do that right now.


video of Jimmy climbing!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Outside, Going Outside, Outside, Today!

A few of you may get that the title is actually part of a Signing Time song that we sing all the time at our house. Every time I grabbed Jimmy to go outside, I sang and signed, “outside, going outside, outside, today.”


Jimmy LOVES it!


Tessa, check out her socks! Go Hoyas!



two peas by a tree


the munchkins munchin (Jimmy dumped all the food on the ground…stinker!)


Jimmy walked up these steps with me holding his hands at least 5 times. He would have gone more but it was hard for me since I had Rosie in my sleepy wear wrap.


It’s supposed to be sunny and warm tomorrow too! Woo hoo!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Video Fun!

Happy Fat Tuesday!


Jimmy and Rosie love that Isa. She is always performing and she will repeat anything that works!

More laughing Fun!


The next video is just audio. Isa is making up a prayer before bed and it’s pitch black with the exception of the random blue light you see from Jimmy’s singing puppy pal.

And, speaking of laughing, I had a parent/teacher conference with Isa’s teachers today and they just started to laugh when I walked in to talk about Isa. They laughed while sharing that she performed ballet for a random person touring the school and gave an impromptu lecture on camouflage to the class. She is one silly gal.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jimmy Jims!

Jimmy is signing “cry”, he loves it when I pretend to weep.


I have a sad/cute story to share with you. Jimmy’s aid at school just loves Jimmy. A few weeks ago, her mom died and two days later she fell and broke her collar bone. She called to tell me how sorry she was that she was unable to be Jimmy’s aid for the next few weeks. Then she added that when those moments come and she starts to feel overwhelmed with everything she thinks of Jimmy and she is able to smile. It brought tears to my eyes. Isn’t it great what Jimmy can do for the people he meets?!  I love her and hope she’s back at School for Little Children very soon.

Speaking of school, Jimmy will go to the Early Childhood Center in Evanston 5 days a week from 8:30-11 next year. They have an amazing teacher-student ratio and he will get all of his therapy there. On top of all that, it’s free, and that will allow us to do something in the afternoon. I hope we can take a swimming class or a music class. If Rosie is napping all afternoon, then I might sign him up for an afternoon program at School for Little Children. I will decide that in the fall. I would rather us take a class together but I am realizing there is not a lot of stuff offered from 12-3. Hopefully, something will come up that works for us.

Jimmy can climb onto the couch. It was kind of crazy. I was looking at my phone while nursing Rosie and all of a sudden Jimmy was climbing up. He did it super fast too. Marc has been trying to teach him how to get down feet first. Jimmy prefers to snake off the couch head first.

Jimmy’s walking status hasn’t changed much. He will randomly take a tiny step but just one or two.

His talking or inflections are becoming a little bit clearer. Eat and please are pretty obvious. He can also say teacher and sister but not quite as clear.  His favorite words are “signing time” and it sounds like si si ti.

Jimmy made this at school. I’m not sure how much he actually does on these projects but he was there! The coolest thing about this project is the beard. It’s a mixture of shaving cream and glue and it feels so cool. I want to do a project with it one day soon.


Jimmy’s as cute as ever and helping others without even knowing it. He’s such a special kid!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Rosie is 6 months old!

My cutie, tiny, little Rosie is 6 months old. She weighed in at 11 pounds 8 ounces. She is in the first percentile. CRAZY! I looked back at Jimmy and Isa's weight at 6 months. Isa was 16 pounds 1 ounce and Jimmy was 12 pounds 7 ounces. It’s crazy because Isa and Jimmy are both so small. I hope Rosie beefs up at some point. Her doctor was not worried at all. We will be going back for a weight check in a month as that is the protocol when you drop off your own bell curve. I had to do this with Isa and Jimmy too. She is 24 inches long and her head circumference is 15 3/4 inches.

When we were in San Antonio she tried to get her knees underneath her and lifted up her cutie bootie! She is getting stronger and handles floor time well. She is sleeping pretty great, although last night was rough. I think it was because she got her shots yesterday. Rosie loves dance parties. She flaps her arms up and down and moves her legs and smiles. I wish I had a video to share. She still LOVES to chew her tongue. I hope she quits doing that when her teeth come in—which could be anytime. She pulls at her gums a lot. She smiles when you pay attention to her and will bend her neck in the craziest ways just to get a look at whoever is talking. She’s pretty amazing!

Six pounds and six months ago! It would be tight but I bet she could still fit in that outfit.



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baptism Day for Rosie and Emma (SA part 3)!

On the way to the church, Isa said, “I know why they call it bath-tism day, because they get a bath at church.” Pretty awesome. It was a beautiful day in San Antonio and  a perfect day to get baptized. It was unique because each girl had their own family priest. Father Frank and Father Wayne put on a show and the baptism was beautiful and felt short and fun.

Rosie with her Godmother, Ellie.

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 139

Nathan and Emma

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 142

Baptism in progress… :)

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 144

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 155

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 162

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 169

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 171

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 176

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 177

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 178

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 181

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 182

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 184

After the baptism, we went to Nathan and Leticia’s house. They put together a great reception with wonderful food. Thank You!

We took a lot more pictures.

Me and Rosie!


the yummy, Italian cream cake.


the group of parents, Godparents, and Fr. Frank.


the girls


the girls and Father Frank


the girls with their daddies.


Rosie with her Godparents, Nathan and Ellie.


Emma with her Godparents, Craig and me.


a group photo with Father Wayne



Rosie and her Grandma Jo and Papa Jeph


Just a few more photos! This one is of Emma playing at her Baptismal reception. She liked her dress but was ready to take it off.

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 206

I love that after the baptism I was able to go in Emma’s closet and find something for Rosie to wear that was more comfortable. They are sharing clothes already (even if Emma outgrew this outfit months ago)!

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 189

Considering it was Isa’s and Emma’s day, Isa got lots of gifts. Here she is modeling some new pajamas. She loves them Aunt Patty. You are right, you do know her!

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 197

Leticia’s mom made these hats. Aren’t they adorable? I love them. Gracias Gilda!

2011 Feb San Antonio Baptism Engagement Party Emma 223

I think that’s it! Sadly, I don’t have any pictures with Rosie and my parents. What happened guys? Next time!