Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!


I woke up this morning feeling amazing. I slept through the night. I don’t remember the last time that happened. I got everyone off to school and cleaned my room (it had been a super long time so it felt great to get it clean).  When I picked Jimmy up from school he looked so tired. His teacher said he lacked energy and sucked his thumb a bit. Poor guy. When I picked Isa up from school, they said she seemed a little under the weather. None of this was news to me because we all have colds so I didn’t think too much about it. Isa went to a play date (after divulging all to the play date’s mama!) and Jimmy went home for a nap. When he woke up he sounded croupy and felt warm so I called the doctor and got him an appointment at 3:30. I was planning on getting Isa before the doctor appointment but Rosie was napping and didn’t wake up till right before we needed to leave. After waiting for the doctor for 45 minutes and thinking that Jimmy was fine and that it was all a waste of my time, we saw the doctor and he did a throat culture. I didn’t wait for the results because I was tired of being at the office and I needed to pick up Isa. Literally minutes after arriving to my house and unloading everyone, Jimmy’s doctor called and informed me he has strep throat. Oh no! I have only had it once that I can remember and it was awful.  After hanging up with the doctor, my throat seemed extremely sore. I called my doctor and set up an appointment and then thought I better get Isa and Rosie checked too. So I call the doctor back to see if I could get Isa and Rosie’s throats swabbed as well. It was after 5pm and they said to hurry in and we did! By 5:30 both girls had been checked and they were negative. They keep the swabs in an incubator to see if strep will grow and if it does grow overnight they will let you know in the morning. Isn’t that cool?!  After leaving the doctor, I took the kids to get Jimmy’s prescription, and then back home to make dinner nearly an hour later than we normally eat. The good part about that is they were hungry.  Isa ate quickly and went straight to bed without changing into pajamas or brushing her teeth which makes me think she has it too.  Overall it was a productive day but it’s unfortunate that the kiddos are sick. Fingers crossed that it’s just Jimmy.

Rosie’s ready to party!


Isa pretending to be asleep.


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  1. Oh boo. :-( Reagan just got over strep and Abbie RSV. It has been a nightmare. I cannot imagine the mommas that have to go through so much worse medical stuff. I hope Jimmy feels better soon!