Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jimmy Jims!

Jimmy is signing “cry”, he loves it when I pretend to weep.


I have a sad/cute story to share with you. Jimmy’s aid at school just loves Jimmy. A few weeks ago, her mom died and two days later she fell and broke her collar bone. She called to tell me how sorry she was that she was unable to be Jimmy’s aid for the next few weeks. Then she added that when those moments come and she starts to feel overwhelmed with everything she thinks of Jimmy and she is able to smile. It brought tears to my eyes. Isn’t it great what Jimmy can do for the people he meets?!  I love her and hope she’s back at School for Little Children very soon.

Speaking of school, Jimmy will go to the Early Childhood Center in Evanston 5 days a week from 8:30-11 next year. They have an amazing teacher-student ratio and he will get all of his therapy there. On top of all that, it’s free, and that will allow us to do something in the afternoon. I hope we can take a swimming class or a music class. If Rosie is napping all afternoon, then I might sign him up for an afternoon program at School for Little Children. I will decide that in the fall. I would rather us take a class together but I am realizing there is not a lot of stuff offered from 12-3. Hopefully, something will come up that works for us.

Jimmy can climb onto the couch. It was kind of crazy. I was looking at my phone while nursing Rosie and all of a sudden Jimmy was climbing up. He did it super fast too. Marc has been trying to teach him how to get down feet first. Jimmy prefers to snake off the couch head first.

Jimmy’s walking status hasn’t changed much. He will randomly take a tiny step but just one or two.

His talking or inflections are becoming a little bit clearer. Eat and please are pretty obvious. He can also say teacher and sister but not quite as clear.  His favorite words are “signing time” and it sounds like si si ti.

Jimmy made this at school. I’m not sure how much he actually does on these projects but he was there! The coolest thing about this project is the beard. It’s a mixture of shaving cream and glue and it feels so cool. I want to do a project with it one day soon.


Jimmy’s as cute as ever and helping others without even knowing it. He’s such a special kid!

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  1. that was a nice thing for the teacher to tell you, very sweet indeed. School sounds great for next year...he is going to love it and do wonderful. So happy for you both Go Jimmy with all of your accomplishments!!