Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sudafed, Antibiotics, and Steroids…that’s how we roll.

It’s been a rough few days. I went to the doctor Friday and was prescribed a Z-Pac for my cough. Jimmy’s strep did not get Rosie and Isa, but Isa did get an ear infection.  I got an ear infection too, even on the Z-Pac!  Today, I started a 10 day dose of antibiotics and steroids. I already feel so much better, although my back still aches.

We’re all sick, but we’ve had fun at home. Isa randomly decided to write a letter to a Leprechaun. She even drew a picture of her and the Leprechaun and they are both wearing green since that would make her happy. Yes, the Leprechaun is a female.  Anyways, Lec, came in the middle of the night and responded to her letter. She was pretty excited to see it this morning. She even left a piece of gold. Marc had a gold dollar coin. The best was that she told me to tell Marc to go to bed early so that the Leprechaun could come. She knows all about her and when she likes to pick up letters.

This is the envelop she put it in. Leprechaun is spelled incorrectly because I can’t spell! The second word is Letter but she ran out of room.


Love Isa (she asked me to spell love and I did, correctly, but she can’t hear right now with the ear infection. Her favorite question is What?)


Isa and Lec wearing green.


Letter from Lec



Jimmy got a great gift in the mail: Mardi Gras beads! Tons of them. He has been playing with them ever since. He climbed up on the sofa at least a million times with a necklace and then threw it off, climbed down, got it, and then climbed back up. It was great exercise. Thanks April! I love reading about your girls and William. He’s such a cutie pie!  If you would like to meet them, check out the Narretto Family blog.  The beads added some fun to our week of strep and ear infections. Isa even had me follow the beads to her room to find a treasure. Good fun!

Right after Jimmy got the beads he had to take care of some business! First up, put some beads down the vent. Second, play with them. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t all end up in the vent.

2011 March sick beads lep and more

Jimmy’s good at multi-tasking. Playing with beads while participating in the dance party.



Play dough fun! Jimmy’s hand.


Jimmy stacking up some blocks. When he’s happily playing by himself odds are he’s doing this.


Rosie has managed to stay healthy (which is amazing considering how many kisses and coughs have gone directly to her head in some way, shape or form) and is eating some solid baby food. She is also taking baths with Isa and Jimmy. It’s a little crowded in the bath tub but they all fit. She was dancing today in her little chair. She was totally rocking to the beat. She’s definitely a Harrison!


Bath time! The first time I put Rosie in the bath with Jimmy I was so proud of myself. Then I realized I had no idea who I would get out first. I called Marc and asked him what to do.  He said that I should get Isa to watch Jimmy for a second.  So, I employed Isa to watch Jimmy while I ran with Rosie to get her diaper and pjs and run back. I told her to scream if Jimmy’s face was in the water. She got 25 cents for that. The second time they bathed together, I was prepared with pjs and diapers for both kids.



Isa made an instruction book. If you would like to hear her explain it, watch it.


  1. I think it is important that Isa revisit the "crocodile and the swimming pool" instructions and clarify exactly how it is to be done.

  2. I think that those were instructions for things you could dream about. That's what she said. I couldn't get her to say it again for the video.

  3. A very helpful instruction book, indeed!