Friday, April 8, 2011


We have been busy! After taking Jimmy to the doctor AGAIN and then going to the pharmacy AGAIN my brother Jonny and I drove all three kids to M-e-soda. That’s how Isa pronounces it. She asked Jonny if there would be juice and milk in Minnesota. She already knows there is lots of soda in M-e-soda. We stopped after one hour of driving. I nursed Rosie and Jonny took the kids inside the gas station to get some cookies. The next hour Rosie cried but then she fell asleep and all was quiet for the rest of the trip. It took exactly 6 1/2 hours to get there. When we arrived at 12:15am, we were greeted by Lisa, her mom, and my parents. It was party time. At 1am, I forced the kids to bed but it took all of us awhile to calm down and go to sleep.

Today, we went to Mall of America. I have been once before but this time it was a completely different experience. Isa and I rode on lots of rides. Chaperones get to ride for free. Isn’t that the best deal ever? For once it pays to have a short kid!


the swings.




Our favorite ride was the log cabin water ride.  There is that moment of fear and excitement that is so awesome. I hate it when you can’t see the track below. It was super fun though and I think we were airborne for a second or two. We couldn’t stop smiling!

minnesota! 025

I’m not sure why Isa is about to cover Rosie’s ear but I’m guessing she had something top secret to say.

minnesota! 023

Silly Lisa and Rosie!

minnesota! 026

Jonny and Rosie. Jonny is smiling because Rosie’s wearing her UT onesie!

minnesota! 034

We went to April’s house, Lisa’s sister, and ate some yummy pizza.

Rosie is trying to start a new trend. She’s too cold without the sweater and too hot with it…with one arm out she’s just right.




Rosie loves Papa Mark!


Isa played in April’s backyard for a bit and discovered a puddle that was actually a pond. She stepped in and the water was deeper than her boots. It was a great adventure. Here Isa is running to tell us her amazing story.

2011 April Minneapolis Mall of America

Good night for now!


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  1. what a fun day...poor J look sleepy have a great time :)