Thursday, April 21, 2011

Post Birthday and Pre Easter Fun!

Isa had a sleep over on her birthday. They went to sleep pretty easily. The next day Marc made his famous pancakes and added M&Ms for the girls.


Jimmy got some too. Jimmy gets very upset if he sees food and it’s not given to him immediately so we often give him something to make the wait a little more bearable. This time raisins gave us a few extra minutes.


We celebrated Isa’s birthday with the family and local aunts and uncles and cousins. Here, Rosie and Isla are catching up.



Here the girls are talking about all the latest fashions. If they would just fill me in…


I mentioned something about my shoes and this is the response I got. Honesty is nice, but can be cruel too!


Check out Al’s shirt. It’s so awesome.


I love how little kids can make a couch look big.


Isla is all smiles.


Rosie and Isla are my favorite subjects. I must have taken 50 pictures of them. They are the cutest.

2011 April 17th and more1

Speaking of Rosie. She’s does a great army crawl and moves from room to room. If there is paper on the ground, she will find it, and put it in her mouth. I found red construction paper in her diaper. Sigh! She gets very mad when you walk away from her and wants you to look at her nonstop and smile and make funny noises. She wants to skip baby food and would prefer to eat real food. She’s eaten a few graham crackers, watermelon, and pear. She finally got snotty, but so far it’s not a big deal. I hope it stays that way.

She’s eating a graham cracker. I’m not sure how much of it she actually swallows. I’m guessing about 10%.


We have dyed some eggs this week and plan to dye more soon. We only had 8 eggs and Isa was not going to let me do anything until we got to work.



Here Jimmy can’t get enough of Isa. Jimmy is the easiest kid to make laugh. People always comment and say things like your mama is funny but really Jimmy just needs a sound that is not a word to start laughing. Isa LOVES it and will perform for nearly an hour almost every night till Marc and I come in and say ENOUGH!


At school Jimmy spilled some juice on himself so they changed his clothes and found him some girl jeans. They are pretty cute. I hope he doesn’t get mad at me for putting this photo on here.


Jimmy’s been doing so great at school. He climbed a rope ladder with his aide today. I think the park is going to be HELL  this summer. At least I will get a good work out, but I’m sure there will be more times when I would prefer not to get one.

One of Jimmy Jims favorite songs is Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  Could these BE any more perfect?


Isa couldn’t help but give him a HUGE kiss.


This is what I call PURE JOY. I’m so lucky to have him in my house!


And this is PURE JOY part two. Dance Party!


Today we got Easter gifts from Grandma Jo and Grandma Bebe. What a treat! First up, Easter Egg Chalk! Notice Jimmy there in the background. He’s in Bumbo Jail. He licked the steps, ate the chalk, and ate our freshly fertilized dirt. God only knows how many chemicals are in that. What am I going to do this summer?


After dinner we ate some treats from Grandma Bebe. No pics were taken but everyone, including Rosie, ate some alphabet crackers. The bunny Pez will be saved till Easter.

Isa made me a bouquet of flowers. I love how she used her hair bow to hold it together.


I will end with some Isa and Jimmy school artwork.




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