Monday, April 11, 2011

We are back…at the doctor’s office :(

We had a great time in Minnesota. On Saturday we went back to the Mall of America and Marc took the kids to the Aquarium while I shopped for a dress. I found one to wear to my brother’s wedding and Marc and the kids had fun. Marc and Isa rode a few rides too while Jimmy and I sang songs. We went to a great engagement party and met a ton of Minnesotans that have Minnesotan accents. It was great and then we visited a great friend of ours that we met in Mexico at the orphanage and met her cutie son, Oliver. Then we had a horrible night sleep (Rosie wanted to party from 3-5am and then when she finally went to sleep, Jimmy got up), and then we drove all day. It took us 8 hours to drive home yesterday but we made it. We arrived to E-town and it was 80 degrees. We played in our backyard till it was time to go to bed. So nice!


I woke up today and went to Jimmy’s school for next year and talked about him for thirty minutes. What could be better? Then I got my car cleaned, dropped off 6 trash bags worth of clothes and toys to the rummage sale, picked up Isa, returned a bunch of dresses I bought to wear to my brother’s wedding that I’m not going to wear and bought Isa’s dress for the wedding. She’s going to be a flower girl. I went to Janie and  Jack and found a dress that was originally 159 dollars on sale for 59 dollars. And, it’s perrrrrrrrrrrrfect! I wish I had a photo of her in it. I meant to take one but kept getting distracted. After arriving home, we ate lunch and then I started to get organized, unpack, clean up etc. Jimmy decided not to nap. When I went in to get him I found out that he had pooped, removed his pants and diaper, and spread poop all over everything. I guess it’s time to start potty training. I put him in the bath tub and washed all the sheets, blankets, bed, wall etc. When that was done we ate a snack and headed off to Maguire’s 5th birthday. Rosie and Jimmy fell asleep in the car so I took Isa in and then played on my phone till they woke up. When I went to get Jimmy out of the car I noticed that he had a bloody ear. I thought NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I called the doctor and set up an appointment for 6pm. Then we went to the party, I stuffed myself with food, and then went to the doctor. I know there are worse things but I have been to the doctor so many times and those copays add up fast and I just hate going. After confirming the ear infection, I went to get the meds, and the pharmacist gave me a ten dollar gift card because I had filled 10 prescriptions in 2 1/2 weeks (given there were a few times when I doubled up with antibiotics and drops or antibiotics and steroids but still insane!).

We are now all home. The kids are all in bed and I am tired and I have no cute photos to share besides the one above.

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  1. The doctor's office is always a source of worry, except probably if it has good furnishings. I hope the infection was just a minor one. Sometimes, it's nerve-wracking how children could catch these infections!