Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Uncle Jacob!

What do you do when it’s gonna rain at 3pm and it’s only 12:30pm and your uncle Jacob is in town? Run super fast to the pool! We were almost the only ones there. It was peaceful and easy.


Uncle Jacob is clearly listening to a long explanation of the next game!


Jimmy and Rosie stayed like this for almost the entire time. They both crawled a bit but didn’t go more than a foot or two away from their original spots.



Jimmy is signing something here. I’m not sure what though. I really need to brush up on my ASL!


Rosie is modeling her new swim suit from Aunt Leticia and Uncle Nathan. Thank You!


Thank you Uncle Jacob for hanging out with us and for going in the deep end with Isa. It was too cold for me.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!


We celebrated Memorial Day by celebrating Eleanor Mineo’s life with a memorial mass. Then we had a wonderful picnic. The weather was awesome!







I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day too!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jonny and Lisa get married!

Congratulations Jonny and Lisa! You two are the best and I’m so so so happy for you. I can’t wait to see what your life has in store for you over the next 50 years. You are both top people and I love you a million!


As you may have gathered, Jonny and Lisa are married. It feels like they have been engaged forever. I’m so happy all the wedding festivities are over and I plan to pass out as soon as I finish this post. The stars of the night were Lisa and Isa. I’m not sure how Jonny fell through the cracks but I barely saw him. He was a busy man attending to his many guests.


The wedding was beautiful and the ceremony was perfect. One thing Jonny and Lisa did was take all the pictures beforehand. The picture above was taken before the ceremony. I ran into my cousin right before the wedding and she looked up astonished and was like is that the bride?! It was awesome and allowed everyone to go straight from the church to the reception and start the party!

The bride and me before the wedding.


Isa and me


Isa had the best day ever. She went to her ballet class in the morning and from there she went to the hair salon to get beautiful. She had a great time. She asked Chad not to hurt her and he did his best. She must of said ow! 50 times.

2011 AprilMay phone pictures

Isa modeling her flower girl look.

2011 May Jonny and Lisa get married

Every detail was planned out by Jonny and Lisa. It’s amazing how smoothly everything ran. They had the rehearsal dinner the night before at the church. It was almost as big as the wedding. They ordered Lou Malnatis. Yum! Marc was in charge of the speakers, microphone, and music. He did a great job. There were some great toasts and Marc took this picture of Jonny and Lisa while they were roasted, I mean, toasted!


My one picture during the ceremony. I’m pretty sure this was taken during one of the few serious moments because they were smiling during 95% of the ceremony.


The reception was awesome.  The toasts made me laugh and cry and then laugh again. Instead of doing just a father/daughter dance and a mother/son dance they did a family dance for each family. It was fun and immediately after the families danced, the dance party started. I am hurting from that party. My neck and my hips are sore. We rocked the dance floor until the DJ went home. I can’t wait to see pictures from that…I am told we should get to see those photos in 60-90 days. Isa found a cute little boy to dance with. I think his name is Jack but I might have that wrong. He twirled Isa and Isa LOVED it! She even gave him a kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and then pulled her body up so that her lips would reach his cheek. At one point Isa told me not to be sad but she wants to dance with everyone and not just me.



As you can see, Isa did her job and entertained everyone that watched her!


But, mostly, she was having the time of her life.


They even played the Eyes of Texas. Isa knows what’s up!


I hardly took any photos but I hope to post more once the professional photos are out. Time to sleep. Yay for Jonny and Lisa!!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

umbrella washing machine

Every now and again, even in the Chi-town area, we have a beautiful weekend and we accomplish our goals.

Goal one: make  our yard look awesome. There is a saying that pictures don’t lie but these pictures are lying because our yard looks incredible. I might have to blow all these photos up and frame them. Our yard actually has bald spots and weeds and our tulips are almost all gone.

Jimmy can go up this slide all by himself and go down by himself but he prefers it when Isa catches him.


Isa loves to catch Jimmy and give him a big hug.


Look at Rosie Rose. She is such a cutie pie!


Look at her showing a little shoulder with that look in her eye. She turned 9 months today, geez!


Rosie has her 9 month appointment on Thursday so I don’t have weight info. She just started pulling herself up to her feet. She’s not  quite sure what to do with her feet when they hit the floor but she can do it!


She just read what I wrote…my bad, she totally knows what to do with her feet!

Isa and I have taken lots of flower pictures…almost a million! Here are some of my faves.







Goal two: clean the deck.

Isa and I cleaned the deck and then afterwards she washed her clothes in her umbrella. She had the time of her life. I was feeding Jimmy and Rosie while she played.



Goal three: get ready for wedding weekend number 1. Almost!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lisa’s Bachelorette Weekend!

Lisa was forced, I’m sure, to invite me along to her weekend get away at the Wisconsin Dells. I didn’t let that bother me too much. Lisa and Sarah showed up at my house on Friday and I had an entire sofa full of stuff to take for the two night trip…and did I mention that Rosie went too. We are a team, ya know! Thankfully, Lisa has mad packing skills and got all of my stuff into the car. Thanks, Lisa!

Friday was pretty low key. Our party of three was the first to arrive to the huge condo. We ran in and explored all the rooms and Rosie and I scoped out the room with the california king. I was nervous about how Rosie would sleep at night but there was no reason for that…she was a dream roommate.


We went to the indoor waterpark. Rosie checked the water for us. It was OK.


We spent our time at the wave pool that was WAY STRONG! When the waves were rolling, Rosie and I took off for safety.


I loved having Rosie as an excuse not to go all the way in the deep end. Lisa and her sister, April, weren’t so lucky.




We played games and Lisa had her hair and make up done. I was getting game number two ready. I asked Jonny a bunch of questions and recorded the answers and then asked Lisa the same questions.  She definitely knows Jonny!


Yes, there was some drinking! Lisa did most of it though. Here she is drinking a skinny margarita.


Here she ran into some random bar for a quick shot. Yes, she is that kind of girl!


They were running low on funds so here they are sharing a drink. Wild and Thrifty!


Then they jumped. We tried to stop them but they only listened to the shots they took.


OK, Wittigs, I think we need to monitor this chick. She insisted on going to the liquor store and posing in front of it. Just saying…


Sadly, Rosie wanted to do everything Lisa did. OK, maybe there was a scavenger hunt involved but still…the eyes of Texas are upon you, LISA!

Recently Updated

And, though the games and the drinking were fun, one of the best parts was receiving emails from Marc and Jo with pictures of Jimmy and Isa having fun.

First picture was taken on the way home from Hotcakes. The best pancake place in Wilmette, hands down!


Later, Isa commanded Marc to take this picture and email it to me. Isa’s doing the diaper dance!


Isa was pretty lucky and got to have a birthday celebration with Grandma and her cousin Olivia. They celebrated with a fancy tea party and pink lemonade cocktails.



While Isa was at Grandma’s house, Marc made cookies and had a cookie party with Jimmy.


It was a great weekend for everybody!