Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jonny and Lisa get married!

Congratulations Jonny and Lisa! You two are the best and I’m so so so happy for you. I can’t wait to see what your life has in store for you over the next 50 years. You are both top people and I love you a million!


As you may have gathered, Jonny and Lisa are married. It feels like they have been engaged forever. I’m so happy all the wedding festivities are over and I plan to pass out as soon as I finish this post. The stars of the night were Lisa and Isa. I’m not sure how Jonny fell through the cracks but I barely saw him. He was a busy man attending to his many guests.


The wedding was beautiful and the ceremony was perfect. One thing Jonny and Lisa did was take all the pictures beforehand. The picture above was taken before the ceremony. I ran into my cousin right before the wedding and she looked up astonished and was like is that the bride?! It was awesome and allowed everyone to go straight from the church to the reception and start the party!

The bride and me before the wedding.


Isa and me


Isa had the best day ever. She went to her ballet class in the morning and from there she went to the hair salon to get beautiful. She had a great time. She asked Chad not to hurt her and he did his best. She must of said ow! 50 times.

2011 AprilMay phone pictures

Isa modeling her flower girl look.

2011 May Jonny and Lisa get married

Every detail was planned out by Jonny and Lisa. It’s amazing how smoothly everything ran. They had the rehearsal dinner the night before at the church. It was almost as big as the wedding. They ordered Lou Malnatis. Yum! Marc was in charge of the speakers, microphone, and music. He did a great job. There were some great toasts and Marc took this picture of Jonny and Lisa while they were roasted, I mean, toasted!


My one picture during the ceremony. I’m pretty sure this was taken during one of the few serious moments because they were smiling during 95% of the ceremony.


The reception was awesome.  The toasts made me laugh and cry and then laugh again. Instead of doing just a father/daughter dance and a mother/son dance they did a family dance for each family. It was fun and immediately after the families danced, the dance party started. I am hurting from that party. My neck and my hips are sore. We rocked the dance floor until the DJ went home. I can’t wait to see pictures from that…I am told we should get to see those photos in 60-90 days. Isa found a cute little boy to dance with. I think his name is Jack but I might have that wrong. He twirled Isa and Isa LOVED it! She even gave him a kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and then pulled her body up so that her lips would reach his cheek. At one point Isa told me not to be sad but she wants to dance with everyone and not just me.



As you can see, Isa did her job and entertained everyone that watched her!


But, mostly, she was having the time of her life.


They even played the Eyes of Texas. Isa knows what’s up!


I hardly took any photos but I hope to post more once the professional photos are out. Time to sleep. Yay for Jonny and Lisa!!!!!


  1. Looks like a wonderful celebration!! The group photo is great...what a big family!! Congrats on the new SIL. She looks Amazing!! Her necklace (and yours) are super pretty. Did she make them?

  2. I like the Jo and Isa get-down photo.