Monday, May 2, 2011

New Jersey!


With Kate


Grandma Eleanor and Marc

With Marc

Marc’s grandma, Eleanor, passed away on April 25, 2011. She was 90 years old when she died. The one word that was used to describe her the most was loving. She loved her husband of 68 years, loved her kids, her grandkids, her great grandkids, her neighbors and her friends. What a great way to be described. She was ready to knock on heaven’s door and left the world peacefully.

Although funerals are sad there is joy when family and friends gather to grieve and celebrate a wonderful life. Nearly all of Eleanor’s family was there and there was a big reception after the funeral. Marc’s cousins were there with their kids and the kids were able to play together and pick dandelions.



Matthew and Isa


Jimmy signing flower on his chin…silly boy.



Jack and Rosie got to talk baby food!


How you doin?


We spent lots of time with PopPop. He enjoyed hanging out with Jimmy. PopPop is 90. DSC07886


One thing I love about PopPop is he LOVES to take pictures and be in pictures. He’s my kind of man. He has an album of each year of his life. Right before I left New Jersey I spent some time looking at his first two albums and saw pictures of him as a young man and Eleanor as a young woman. They were a handsome couple.


Isa and her flowers.


Marc and his grandpa, Tom, and Jimmy.


There are some photos of PopPop from back in the day in a boxer brief type swimsuit and his body’s young and full of muscles and whenever he looks at those pictures he kisses them (or so says his grandkids). I love it!


Isa was….


Aunt Tessa with Rosie and Jimmy.


One of the things we were unable to do this past weekend was go to Isa’s Spring concert at St. Francis Xavier so she did a performance for her family. One of the songs is the SFX school song. We are not entirely sure what the lyrics are but it sounds something like this: “Right from the start, there’s a smile in your heart, when you’re a part of refrancis savior (St. Francis Xavier). Were crenaders and preladers…” We think it’s actually, Were crusaders and something else. Isa’s translation is pretty cute.


Part of her audience.


Jimmy and Kristine.


We stayed at a motel on Long Beach Island kind of by default as all the local hotels were booked. The weather was beautiful 60-70’s and sunny. We enjoyed spending some time on the beach. At one point Jimmy filled a bucket about a quarter of the way with sand and then picked it up and drank it. I was just far enough away and with Rosie that there was little I could do about it. Afterwards, he made an attempt to remove the majority of the sand.  I think that’s progress!

Where my feet at?


Kite fun!


This is a blurry pic but I think it looks cool.


Run, Marc, Run!


At some point there was a handoff and Randy took the kite and if you squint you can see him far off in the distance!


This is the bucket I was talking about. I am just now noticing the couple on the blanket in the background. Keep it clean, Long Beach!



Rosie and Uncle Randy



Isa had lots of fun playing catch with the waves. At one point, she fell in about an inch of water, and she claimed that the water would have swept her away if it wasn’t for her daddy saving her. Way to go DAD!


Rosie and Ellie


Look at those flat feet!


a group shot


We got back home this evening and the best part about returning was this:


On the airplane, Isa and Jimmy made friends with the entire row in front of us and behind us. As we were about to exit the plane Isa told the lady in front of her that she lived in Evanston and that her house was the red one with tulips. She also mentioned that she could come over if she wanted and that she should bring extra clothes so she could spend the night. Thankfully, Jimmy just gave everyone high fives.

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