Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A special day

Today I went to the mall with my kiddos to buy a birthday gift. It was gorgeous outside so we bought lunch and hung out at the dragon, a play area for kids. I’m not sure what I was signing with Jimmy but John, a deaf man, saw us signing and got my attention. At first he told me that is was great that I was signing with Jimmy. I signed thank you. Then he asked if I knew a little or a lot of sign and from there the conversation continued to how many kids do you have, how old, etc. He told me that he was waiting for his wife. She was at a lecture at Northwestern. He had three hours to kill. I was amazed at how much I understood and also how hard it was.  Isa came over and signed a few things. She told him her name and some random nouns and that she was going to play. Jimmy signed friend to John. John told me how he is completely deaf, he can read lips but has a hard time if people don’t open their mouths or if they talk fast. I don’t want to sound totally lame but I think we brightened his day a bit. I imagine, if I were him, that there are times that you are just dying to communicate and how frustrating that it’s so hard. Every sound I heard became a gift. I felt a little boastful talking and listening to the kids that were around me. It’s so easy for me and he has to work so hard.  I’m thankful that I ran into John today and that he had the courage to sign to me. It was fun and reminded me to be thankful of my health and hearing.

When I was talking to John, I tried to engage Jimmy and get him to sign. I signed to Jimmy, I love you, so that he would sign it back. Afterwards, John showed us how to sign “I really love you.” It’s kind of a finger twister.


Today was special for another reason too. Isa made her first sale. She’s born to be a salesperson or a famous ballerina. Smile  We were hanging out in the front yard when Isa ran inside to get some stuff. She returned with stickers and a bucket. She decided she was going to sell Easter stickers.


I asked her how much she was going to sell them for and she said a coin.  Our street wasn’t getting a lot of foot traffic, but the five people that walked by that were in hearing distance were asked. Two of the five said, no thank you, two ignored her, and one produced a quarter and bought a sheet of stickers. She was BEAMING!


According to Isa the conversation went something like this.

Isa: Stickers for sale.

Next door neighbor: what are you selling?

Isa: beautiful stickers for 1 cent.

Next door neighbor: oh, I know a kid that would like those. (he gives quarter and gets stickers)

Me: Did he really know a kid that would like those stickers?

Isa: Well he didn’t say that but I’m sure he was thinking that in his head.


Rosie has a new special skill. She can sit up all by herself. She did it again today. She’s such a tiny big girl! She did it for the first time in New Jersey. I looked over and she was sitting and I was like WHAT? She did it again a few minutes later and she was so happy like she completely understood that she accomplished something great.



Lastly, can you have a special day without a dance party? It’s hard to in this family!




I hope you had a special day too!