Tuesday, May 24, 2011

umbrella washing machine

Every now and again, even in the Chi-town area, we have a beautiful weekend and we accomplish our goals.

Goal one: make  our yard look awesome. There is a saying that pictures don’t lie but these pictures are lying because our yard looks incredible. I might have to blow all these photos up and frame them. Our yard actually has bald spots and weeds and our tulips are almost all gone.

Jimmy can go up this slide all by himself and go down by himself but he prefers it when Isa catches him.


Isa loves to catch Jimmy and give him a big hug.


Look at Rosie Rose. She is such a cutie pie!


Look at her showing a little shoulder with that look in her eye. She turned 9 months today, geez!


Rosie has her 9 month appointment on Thursday so I don’t have weight info. She just started pulling herself up to her feet. She’s not  quite sure what to do with her feet when they hit the floor but she can do it!


She just read what I wrote…my bad, she totally knows what to do with her feet!

Isa and I have taken lots of flower pictures…almost a million! Here are some of my faves.







Goal two: clean the deck.

Isa and I cleaned the deck and then afterwards she washed her clothes in her umbrella. She had the time of her life. I was feeding Jimmy and Rosie while she played.



Goal three: get ready for wedding weekend number 1. Almost!

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