Monday, June 27, 2011

Camp Harrison, El Final!

It was a wonderful four days. The end has come and it’s bittersweet. I’m excited to have life back to its regular routine but camp was so fun. I have been contemplating the keys to its success for 3o minutes or so and I think the success started with the t-shirts. Not so much the design or logo but just having one made it feel more official. Second, having excited participants and lots of camp counselors. Third, planning out activities and food ahead of time. Fourth, just going with the flow. We didn’t do every activity but the kids will never know  and lastly, talking it up to Isa. She was so excited before it even started and excited participants equals happy parents and aunts and uncles and girlfriend and grandparents. On that note, I want to thank everyone who made Camp Harrison possible: Jo, Jeph, Janet, Kit, Tessa, Tommy, Georgia, and Marc…we made it happen and it was awesome!
Everyone but Georgia. She was the only non-Harrison but an amazing part of camp Harrison. she did a wonderful thing and sacrificed herself so that the group photo could happen. Thank You!
This picture will be framed and on my kitchen wall!
Celebrating Camp Harrison from Seattle are Ellie and Randy!

I think Georgia deserves a close-up so here it goes! Our group photo photographer and tie dye organizer and expert!
I didn’t witness it but I heard Marc and Kit had a fun time putting the tents up. It was like they were 8 and 10 again.
The kids had a great time playing in the tents!
I don’t know what Agatha is doing in this photo but I totally want to do it too!
I love this one of Tommy and Georgia looking lovingly into the tent with all the kiddos.
Because who doesn’t like an award?!
Al got the best Waterfall Man!
Jimmy got best music listener! Not pictured…Agatha got best Kite Decorator and Olivia got best Kite Flyer!
S’mores! I have to admit that I don’t remember liking s’mores but these s’mores were awesome and I totally had two. They were extra good. Please note that the dads are in the background working on the tents and the tiny kids are on the blanket enjoying life even without s’mores. Jimmy got a marshmallow at some point!
Aunt Tessa was the s’mores master!
I can’t decide which is my favorite so I will put them all!
This is what a tasty s’more looks like!
and like this too!
Rosie didn’t complain about her graham crackers!
Rosie and Isla got the cutest babies award. Rosie also got the best shredder award which is what she did to the award shortly after receiving it.
Look at that marshmallow oozing out!
The guys like s’mores too. The tents must be done!
The blanket is the coolest spot in town.
Isa got the Best tie dye shirt award!
Calico, the cat, even brought us a dead chipmunk. It’s too bad we don’t eat chipmunk. :)
There were even bean bags! I mean, really,  how much fun can you jam into one night?!
Tent time! Jimmy did not camp with us as Marc had to go home to work and I didn’t think I could handle it. Jimmy does not do well outside of a confined sleeping area. When we were hanging in the tent prior to his departure he moved and grooved the entire time. Isa, Rosie, and I were asleep by 9pm or close to it. Camping isn’t the same as sleeping indoors but we made it work.
Does he look like a guy that’s going to sleep anytime soon?
This was taken seconds before Jimmy’s departure.
This was taken seconds after I “woke” up. I’m not sure I was ever fully asleep but whatever,  I survived! Isa looks way better in the morning. I think this was taken at 5:45am.
2011 June Camp Harrison day 3 and 4
What do you do on day 4 when the mamas are tired and the kids are tired and everyone is tired? Watch TV!
Later in the morning we went to A Growth Spurt which is an indoor play area in Wilmette. It was a great way to relax and let the kids do something new. I took zero photos there. Later,  Isa and Olivia went to Irish Dance Camp right down the street at SFX. And, to end the camp, we all headed to my house and had a final treat. Drumsticks!
About an hour and a half later I received this email from Janet.
Last day of Camp Harrison and the kids are wiped OUT (me too!). Alistair fell asleep after about 2 minutes in the van. I woke him to walk inside the condo and this is as far as he got...poor tiny man!
alistair on the floor
Till 2012! I told Isa I hope we do it again next year and she said “ you don’t have to hope if you plan it.” I better start planning!

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