Friday, June 10, 2011

Jimmy Jims and his IEP

It’s pretty sad, considering how many times I have heard or read about the IEP, that I don’t know what it stands for. I looked it up, and it stands for Individualized Education Plan.  Anyways, Jimmy has an IEP now. Five different specialist observed Jimmy at different times. They went to his school and worked with him at the center. At the meeting, each person spoke and gave a detailed outline of Jimmy’s social history and his physical, gross motor, fine motor, speech, and psychological status. They had each done different tests and then they told me how he ranks compared to his peers. I think his highest score was 16% and the others were 2, 4, or 6%. Ughh, right!? That part was so unnecessary. Then after everyone talked about his status they each talked about his future goals and how much therapy he may or may not need in each category. He will be getting 90 minutes of speech, 60 minutes of occupational therapy, and 60 minutes of physical therapy each week. It was also decided that he will be in the special needs classroom. There were two options: he could be in a classroom with 20 kids (a mixture of typical and special needs kids) and two teachers, or in a classroom with three teachers and 10kids (all having a special need). It kind of seemed like a no brainer. By the time the meeting was over I was exhausted. It was a lot of details and most of them felt repetitive to me. I understand the need to put it all out there but it seems like a lot for a kid who’s not yet three (but he will be in two weeks!). Also, he will not get any therapy after he turns three till after labor day. I’m kind of excited. My schedule will be wide open…who wants to play?

After the meeting I took the kiddos to Fantasy Kingdom. It was crazy busy and I had to wait a bit to pay. The door was open and Isa and Jimmy just went in. I thought it would probably be OK and didn’t worry too much. I paid and then went in to find Jimmy. He was no where to be seen. I ran to the stairs and ran up to see Jimmy’s feet sticking out of the end of the slide.  At that moment a kid gave him a little nudge and down the slide he went. I could hear him crying as I hurried down the stairs. I’m not sure if he got hurt or if he was just scared but it was not a great way to start our fun time at Fantasy Kingdom. Thankfully, he was distracted by something fairly quickly and was happy again. We stayed for a long time and had a good time. Here are some pictures that I took with my phone.



See that green slide in the background and the foot drop to the floor? That’s the slide Jimmy went down head first. Crazy guy. He went back up those stairs three more times. I followed him of course. Isa even tried to catch him one time but he came out so fast that he knocked her over and there was some more crying. Isa did not cry though and was pretty tough. It reminded me of a catcher holding onto the baseball as someone slides into home base. She did not let go of Jimmy even though he knocked her over and they fell on the floor.


sometimes you just want to read a book.


the girls are talking…fruit or vegetable…what’s your favorite?


I had Rosie in my lap when I took this. It’s kind of bumpy but Jimmy is saying doctor, doctor.
this one is from three weeks ago.

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