Thursday, June 16, 2011

Super Cute photos and some dirty ones too!

A few weeks ago Marc found Isa in Jimmy’s bed. It looked a little like this. Please note that Isa’ s arm is underneath Jimmy’s body. So cute!


Here Rosie found a box of tissues, emptied it, and ate a few! Rosie LOVES paper and she finds the tiniest scraps and puts it in her mouth.  A whole box of tissues is like heaven!


Isa at soccer practice. She’s the one in pink shoes.


Rosie’s eyes just pop out like blue lasers. I want those eyes and her young skin and her cuteness!


Rosie with her buddy Nora. Nora is 4 days older. Can they be any cuter? Nora is a baby model. She’s like, I look good, real good!


Actually, I think this one is a little bit cuter. I want Nora’s dimples.


There is a dirty side to Rosie too. Marc don’t kill me. I did get her head out of the bucket and soon as I took the picture.


What? Jimmy eats sand. In fact, if you look closely behind Rosie, I think Jimmy is eating sand.


Who’s eating sand?  I surely didn’t. He’s thinking, if I don’t look up, mom won’t notice...just keep on playing with the bucket.


See mom, you can wipe it off.


Jimmy’s signing dirty. Can you rub it in a little more Jimmy Jims!?!


Thankfully they are bathed and asleep!

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