Sunday, July 31, 2011

From Children’s Memorial to Vegas

My awesome Mom flew in two Fridays ago to help out with this crazy week. And, on her second night, my mom and Isa had a sleep over with my brother and sister in law. That moved Jonny and Lisa up on Marc’s and my favorite people list! We love Isa but she has so much energy and that little break was rejuvenating.

Last Monday, my mom watched the two girls while I took Jimmy to the hospital. He had three procedures done and all went well. One of the procedures was an ABR hearing test and his right ear hears perfectly. Yay! No hearing aids. His left still has mild to moderate hearing loss but it’s not an issue if he hears well with his right ear. Jimmy was amazing the entire day. His procedures were scheduled to start at 1:30pm and they didn’t take him back till 2:15pm-ish. He was in a great mood considering he didn’t eat all day.



Can you imagine being this happy on an empty stomach?


After the procedure he was miserable. Every time I get called back after a procedure Jimmy is miserable. He cries and thrashes for 30 minutes to an hour and then he falls asleep. Poor guy.

This one was taken right before he passed out. He can’t believe I allowed the doctors to drug him and mess with his cute self.


The next morning Jimmy slept a lot. This might be my favorite shot of Jimmy and Marc. Can he fit in there any better?


Isa, my fashionista, making her own clothes.


Rosie figured out how to use the walker.


Oh and I went to Vegas!


It was my first time and I went with some of my best friends in the whole wide world. I learned a few things while I was there. First, that I’m the least fashionable of all my friends. Second, that I cannot party like they can. Third, that Vegas is out of control. It’s hard to get it if you have never been but it’s a party and there is a way to party every second of the day and if you are friends with my friends you are expected to rally and hang and keep up. I totally failed in that respect but loved all the parts that I witnessed (I did sneak off a few times to get some sleep).

This is us before going to a club.


At dinner.


Angel and I!


Right outside the limo!


This is what a day club looks like. Insane.


Katie and Meg (bride to be) !


I just told a hilarious joke. I can’t seem to remember it now.


Sarah and I!


Pam and Angel!


Yes, I’m a head and a half shorter than all my friends. :(


Thanks to Sarah and Kim I was properly dressed and accessorized to head out on the town.


Good times!


A few hours after the picture above was taken I went to the airport and flew home. I don’t know what I‘m doing with my hand. I was trying to be cool or something. Marc picked me up at 7am and I got to see my wonderful family and mom. Rosie looked at me and I swear her thoughts were oh, you are back, yay! I’m glad she was fine without me.

My Aunt Victoria requested lots of photos with my mom and I failed. Big time. But, my mom did send me two photos while I was away of a hairdo that Isa did.  I’m guessing Isa took the photo too.


Now I need to catch up on some sleep.

A few more photos from friends.

This was taken the first night we arrived.

in the elevator

at the day club. I actually laughed on the second day when I saw the sign for the day club…little did I know that I was going there.

group shot in the limo

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog Takeover 2!

I don’t think I’ll come up with anything exciting enough to merit my headline, but Christi is in Las Vegas with the girls (pictured), so I decided to do some blogging on the former TKAHAMCH. 

Anyway, on to stories about the kids…  When I came home this evening, I asked Isa what she did today.  She scrunched up her forehead and thought hard, “well, I had Ovaltine  this morning and then later I had ice cream and then after another time [sic] I had ice cream again.  And I had ice cream in the afternoon and at the night time.  And look Daddy!  We got you a ‘go cubs’ cookie!” 

“You had ice cream four times?”  I asked.

“Well, three or four or two times, but three times at least.  I can’t remember things very well…like if someone says something to me, I just forget it right after.”  Giggles until she falls on the floor. Will she always be this honest?

Later, I put her to work. 




Jimmy climbed out of bed at least 12 times tonight.  He knew he wasn’t supposed to do it and was quieter and quieter each time.  Sneaky little guy.  He had early training as a ninja:

What to listen to when your wife goes away to Las Vegas (runs out on the kids..etc.)? 


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time Flies…

Summer has been fun and busy and crazy. We are always doing something and it feels like a big deal even if we are just playing in the back yard. Both Rosie and Jimmy love to climb the steps and give me heart attacks. Every Wednesday we have been going to Dancin Sprouts, a concert/picnic, at the Botanic Gardens. It’s my favorite thing to do. And, if weather and babysitter permits, I take two instead of three kids to the pool. It feels so easy when you are down a kid. I even get in and play and have fun. And, speaking of pool time, Isa swims! She puts her head in the water and moves her arms and kicks her feet. It seemed like an impossible feat but she can do it! Woo hoo!

We lost power for three days. It was pretty easy to endure actually. The first day without power we ran into one of mine and Isa’s favorite people (Liz, Eloise, and Harriet) twice and had lunch and dinner with them. We talked about how there was no way we could have planned it. The second and third day we had cooler temperatures so it wasn’t bad hanging out at home and we were able to sleep well with the cool breeze. I did clean out my fridge and freezer. It was long overdue. I think there were 7 half eaten salsas and 3 ranch dressings. It is so bare right now with just a few condiments and bare essentials.

Since before my brother’s wedding and Camp Harrison I have put off reading my favorite thing ever, The Barset Series by Anthony Trollope. It’s amazing and I’m on the last, 6th book. He’s an incredible writer and I strongly encourage anyone that likes Jane Austin to pick it up. I think he’s my favorite author. EVER! If you have a kindle or a kindle app you can get the books for free. The first book is called The Warden.

I haven’t taken a lot of photos lately since my hands are always full but even with that I had 170 to choose from!

At Dancin sprouts!



Spoons! You buy fancy toys but all they really want is your phone and spoons!


We had a play date with Katie, Jack and Evan. Isa called Jack, Bobby, the whole time because we saw Bobby earlier that week at Ravinia. Jimmy, Jack and Bobby all have Down Syndrome and I think Isa is starting to recognize it. She asked me when Jimmy’s fingers were going to grow and was sad to learn that they would always be shorter. She doesn’t want Jimmy to be different.



This park was awesome. It’s in Glenview and almost halfway between us and we were the only ones there.


This is how Jimmy goes down all the slides now. This slide really hurts if you are an adult. Don’t do it!


Jack prefers to sit.


“I spit in your face (spoken in an English accent in my head!).”




Mom! We’re talking here. Jeez!


group photo!


I made the Jimmy banner and one for Rosie too. Isa’s I bought a long time ago at Land of Nod. They still sell them.


Here we are eating out at Prairie Joe’s for breakfast since we have no food or power.


Isn’t this awesome!?!


This kiddie pool was heaven. All three kids played happily for nearly an hour while I sat next to them and read my book on my phone. It was a great hour.


Later, while Jimmy and Rosie were napping, I had to play my least favorite game ever. It’s a game that we got in a happy meal or a cereal box and you have to find something. That’s it. You look for stuff. Ughh!


We found most of them fairly quickly but this one took us forever. Luckily I found it so the card went in my pile. Yippee. Yes, I play competitively with my five year old daughter!


My Mawmaw and Pawpaw sent us some fun new shirts from a VBS they worked at and some stickers! Yay for fun mail!




You have to keep an eye on that Rosie Rose!


By the way she did not get hurt while taking the picture.


Jonny and Lisa came over to watch the Women’s World Cup final. It was a fun game to watch even though they lost. Sad smile


group hug!


bed time!


Now back to my book!