Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog Takeover 2!

I don’t think I’ll come up with anything exciting enough to merit my headline, but Christi is in Las Vegas with the girls (pictured), so I decided to do some blogging on the former TKAHAMCH. 

Anyway, on to stories about the kids…  When I came home this evening, I asked Isa what she did today.  She scrunched up her forehead and thought hard, “well, I had Ovaltine  this morning and then later I had ice cream and then after another time [sic] I had ice cream again.  And I had ice cream in the afternoon and at the night time.  And look Daddy!  We got you a ‘go cubs’ cookie!” 

“You had ice cream four times?”  I asked.

“Well, three or four or two times, but three times at least.  I can’t remember things very well…like if someone says something to me, I just forget it right after.”  Giggles until she falls on the floor. Will she always be this honest?

Later, I put her to work. 




Jimmy climbed out of bed at least 12 times tonight.  He knew he wasn’t supposed to do it and was quieter and quieter each time.  Sneaky little guy.  He had early training as a ninja:

What to listen to when your wife goes away to Las Vegas (runs out on the kids..etc.)? 


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