Friday, July 1, 2011

Jimmy Jims is Three!

Well he’s been three for a week and a half but who’s counting. What is his latest and scariest achievement to date?


I’m not sure what’s more scary; the fact that he is about to throw my phone and break it or the fact that he doesn’t know how to get down. Nothing is off limits and that makes me seriously nervous. He stands on the chairs you see in the picture above and leans over. He really wants to knock the chair and himself down and lose a few teeth. He also likes to climb up stairs…any set of stairs, no matter, and then sit with his back to the stairs and then completely forget that they are there and back up. My heart can only take so much.

His walking hasn’t improved much. He can take 5 to 6 steps at a time but it has been awhile since I have seen that happen. He prefers to climb.

One of the more annoying habits he has started is to eat a bite of something and then throw the rest of it on the floor. He used to be a pretty good eater and now he is a crazy guy that just eats one bite of something. That includes small things like grapes. Just one bite. Errr! The mess is fun, not really, but I have no idea what to do about it.

He is talking a lot more. After Jimmy’s last day of preschool I bought two of the books they read a lot in his class. One book is called Pete the Cat, I love my white shoes. He loves that book and he can sign the entire book without the book being read to him or spoken to him. I will just see him going through the signs of the whole book. Pretty cute. He also really likes, Little White Duck (no new copies so you have to buy a used one if you want it). I haven’t signed much with that book because you pretty much sing it and it goes too fast to sign at the same time.  

Jimmy had his three year well visit today, and he is just shy of three feet tall and 24 pounds. Woo hoo! He’s in the 75% for height and 10-25% for weight (on the Down Syndrome chart). He’s a skinny man.

He will get the neck x-ray soon to screen for atlanotaxial instability and later this month he will go under to do another ABR hearing test and make sure his tubes are still in good shape.

He’s a happy man and LOVES to watch So You Think You Can Dance! Here he is watching with Isa and I.


Can he be more excited? Put your hands up!


I can’t wait to put him in a dancing class. That will happen the second he is walking for real!

Jimmy and Rosie are best friends.  I think Isa is a little jealous..jk.  Jimmy gives Rosie bites of his food all the time, and he makes her laugh out loud and hard.  Rosie is like a heat seeking missile, crawling right towards Jimmy whenever she sees him.  Pretty cute stuff. 

Jimmy thinks that Daddy is the coolest person ever.  When Marc comes home in the evening, Jimmy gets really excited and bangs his forehead with the Daddy sign and shouts “daa deee!”  It’s one of his best words. 

Jimmy is the best! I can’t believe he is three. 


  1. such a big boy and great achievements, well except getting on the table one:). I wish I could tell you it is going to get better soon but that wouldnt be realistic would it? I am stll 3 inches behind William at almost any given time lol :)This kiddo runs and climbs like a wild man oh well that just keeps us on our toes.

    Glad to hear you are having the neck xray done, we had his at three too and from what I understand that is the best time to do it
    have a great fourth

  2. Oh this was such a cute post. Aside from all the climbing mischief ;) Lucas is so similar he climbs everywhere and can't get down, he is a big time daddy's boy and loves "So You Think You Can Dance".

    Not sure what you could do about his eating other then only giving him one bite at a time. I know that would be time consuming. Good luck with that and so glad Jimmy is doing so well!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jimmy! My bear cub and the youngest are best friends, too.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Jimmy! You rock the cazbah! :)