Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mostly Smiles!

Today was just another day. There were some good things that happen and some not so good things. Today started out slowly as we were all tired from the weekend. I took Isa and Jimmy to camp, and while they were there I walked from one end of the house to the other putting things in their proper place. After lunch I put Jimmy down for a nap which he did not take and then we went to get an oil change. The Chrysler dealership gives away Homer’s ice cream which is awesome and they have a great play room for the kids so it was fun.  While we were in the play room Isa wanted to play make believe and it started out because there was a pretend double stroller with only one baby in it.

Isa: She’s pretending to the call the police (that’s me): I lost my baby.

Me police: that’s not good, you could go to jail.

Isa: well someone came in and stole her while I was sleeping and I did not know so it’s not my fault. (she went on..something about a window being unlocked)

Me: oh, ok, what does she look like?

Isa: well I haven’t seen her in a long time but she looks pink.

Me: what color hair and eyes does she have.

Isa: I don’t know. Maybe brown like me because I am her mother but I haven’t seen her in a long time.

Me: hmmm, how old is she?

Isa: 4. oh wait, I think I found her. wait, it’s a boy. I forgot (she found a random stuffed boy that was too big for the stroller but good enough for the game!).

I wonder if she overheard someone talking about the Casey Anthony Trial. Where does she come up with this stuff?

Jimmy and Rosie also did some clapping together. That is Rosie’s newest accomplishment. She claps and she looks around for anyone that will clap with her. Jimmy is the best because he will do it every time.

After getting the oil changed we went to KidSnips and got Jimmy’s haircut. He has a very bad record of screaming and crying bloody murder while having a haircut. There was one time when he didn’t and this time was the second time. I sang to him the entire time and she used scissors and not the clippers which helped. The lady that cut Jimmy’s hair told me that she was near tears because it was so sweet that I sang to him. The one other time that Jimmy didn’t cry while getting his hair cut the lady actually did tear up. I ‘m talented in that way! Isa strolled Rosie around the store while Jimmy was getting a hair cut. She was the best! Afterwards, I let them both get a lollipop. Jimmy barely made it home awake but he did and he looked a little like this after eating his blue lollipop. Please note there is blue on his legs, forehead, car seat…everywhere! 


After I screamed, Jimmy, he woke up and then I turned on signing time and had it super loud. That kept him up till dinner.


While I was getting Isa out of the car, I was exclaiming how wonderful she was at Kidsnips and how much I appreciated her help and going on and on and then I stopped.  Why did I stop? Because I saw red crayon drawn on our car. It was like she drew as hard as she could in a 3in circumference circle just because she could.  I told her she could not leave the car till she cleaned it. Of course, she does not have the muscle strength to clean it so I cleaned it but I made sure she stayed there till I was finished.

Moving on…dinner was an odd success and bath time came right after. Rosie was already out and Jimmy was the only one left. He was playing in the tub while I finished cleaning up the kitchen. Our bathroom is right off the kitchen. I saw something brown on the bathroom floor but didn’t think much of it and then Rosie went into the bathroom so I went to get her out so she didn’t get wet and then realized Jimmy pooped in the bathtub. Yay!

The kids are in bed nice and early and even with the poop and the crayon our day was pretty great. Sigh!


  1. I love that first picture of Jimmy. I laughed out loud at that one. Nice Jimmy!

  2. Is this blog still active? Where are all the new posts? Do I have the wrong web address?