Monday, August 29, 2011

Isa’s first day of Kindergarten!

She had a great day. She has been asking since school ended last year when Kindergarten started. I guess that means she likes school. She told me very little about her day but luckily she had a play date with a friend after school, and I heard a lot about her day from her friend’s mom. They saw the other kinder class, went to the principal’s office, went to the play ground and had a good time.

She loves her jumper and loves that it twirls.


When can we go? When can we go? I’m so excited!


We are proud parents!


At school!


Isa’s preschool classroom was down the steps just inside the front door of the school.  Now, she needs to walk up the steps to get to her kindergarten classroom.  As we walked up the steps with her, Marc pointed this out and she said “yes, up the steps, I went this way before when I was bad at my old class.”  The principal’s office is also up the steps.   


Friday, August 26, 2011

Rosie is a one year old!


Rosie is so old! Her first birthday came quick. It’s so amazing to have her around and to not be a baby anymore even though she looks like one. She’s so tiny. Rosie’s favorite things to do are playing with my phone, playing with the remote (you would think she found gold), eating I mean shredding paper, and finding the tightest spots to crawl through, above, below…all of the above and then scream like a dragon if she gets stuck. She hates it when you put her down. The key to putting her down is to put my phone, the remote, and paper on the floor and then she will dive to the floor. Rosie has signed a few words like more, eat, hurray, and she will clap and stomp her feet when she hears If you are happy and you know it. She loves to use Jimmy as something to crawl on. Jimmy has no idea what to do when she does that. I think her favorite person is Jimmy. They talk to each other in their babble and shake their heads together. The both smile so widely when they see each other.

For her first birthday we had a JeanieB dance party. It was lots of fun.


Rosie’s grandparents are the best and let us use their house. Thank goodness because it rained the entire time and the party had to be indoors.


Rosie’s partying with her almost one year old cousin!


I think she had fun.




Isa insisted we buy a 1 candle. I made this cake and if you look at it up close you would see the worst frosting job EVER! The cake actually broke in half when I flipped it and the frosting was crumbilicious!


Rosie LOVED it when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. Her legs were swinging wildly!


Party Favors!


She had her one year appointment and her length was 26 3/4 (3%) and her weight was 13# 14 ounces (not on the chart). The doc was a little concerned (he actually went back and fourth trying to decide, do we do blood work or not) and in the end he decided to do blood work just in case. She’s developing normally and hitting all the milestones that she  should be hitting , YAY.

Rosie’s weight and length compared to Jimmy and Isa…

               Rosie      Jimmy       Isa

weight 13.14       13.10       17.12

length  26 3/4    27 1/4    29 1/4

Rosie loving her dad! We went to Pickles on her actual birthday for some fun.


She loved this ultra tiny slide!


We love you Rosie!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Overlake School Cookbook

So far I have made two recipes. I made the banana bread and the iced lemon soup. The banana bread was great, even Marc liked it and he’s not a huge fan. I have yet to try the iced lemon soup because it needs to chill for 8 hours so it will be ready late tonight. I’m not too excited about it. Cold soup is not something I’m drawn towards. Plus, there is cream in this soup. I LOVE cream but not cold…actually that’s kind of a lie but not in cold soup and with lemon juice…it just seems gross. I hope that I am proven wrong tomorrow and that it taste yummy. Thankfully there are only two cold soups in this cook book. By the way, I’m just picking a couple of recipes at random to do in a week. I want to start off strong and do a lot but I will probably slow down soon. Yay for fall though and cooking weather.

I learned something pretty cool while making the banana bread. It all started with my failed grocery store run. I ALWAYS forget one or two or three things. Sometimes I remember that I have forgotten something right before I am checking out but am too lazy to go get it. This time I just plain forgot to buy the buttermilk. Marc and I have a pancake recipe that we love and it calls for buttermilk and usually when in this situation I just add a little butter to the recipe. Today I learned that isn’t the best way to go! I googled butte and buttermilk substitute came up before I even finished typing the word. I chose to get my information from Joy the Baker.  She states that buttermilk is slightly soured milk (that might be a direct quote…if you check me and it is, let me know and I will add quotes!).  One way to make a substitute is by combining a cup of milk with a tablespoon of lemon juice and let that sit for two minutes. I did it! It was a fun experiment and I could see lumps in the milk. I added that to my banana bread and it was fantastic!



Fingers crossed for a yummy cold soup?! If it’s not so yummy, I will heat it up and see how it taste hot.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


The most amazing thing I have learned semi-recently is how to prolong the life of celery. Marc went out to visit his grandma before she passed away and he learned from his grandparents that if you tightly wrap up the celery and put it in the fridge it will stay good for a long time. I can’t even remember when I packed the celery that was in my fridge, maybe a month ago, and it’s still good. I’m snacking on some right now. Can you hear the crunching?

I just made a pot of tomato sauce. It’s a favorite in our household. I got the recipe from the crockpot that Marc bought me for Christmas or for my birthday. I always add in extra vegetables and bone in chicken to make it full of vitamins and protein.  I forgot to tell Marc to buy chicken so I didn’t add that today but it will still be great. I like this kind of cooking because it’s so hard to mess it up. You throw a ton of stuff in a pan, transfer it to the crockpot, and then 4-8 hours later you have a yummy sauce. After it cools I divide the sauce into plastic containers and put it in the freezer. Once or twice a week I take one out to defrost and then serve it. It’s my go to when we get home right before dinner and everyone is hungry. If I am really on top of it, I will have a pot of water waiting to turn on- on top of the stove.

I don’t have a wide range of things that I cook so I have been thinking about changing that. My mother in law bought all of her kids The Overlake School Cookbook. It has so many great recipes in it and my goal is to make every single thing in it. I will start after Rosie’s birthday . There are 139 pages and about one recipe per page.

Yes, I am totally copying Julie Powell. I will try and mention my favorites on this blog but this will not turn into a cooking blog or anything like that! I have no hopes of writing my own book and then having that book become a movie. Just letting you know.

I am just a beginner cook that really needs to expand her horizons. Join me in this challenge! It will be fun.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Marc is home!

It’s been nearly a week that Marc has been off work. It’s fantastic to have him home. We have been eating out a lot as if we were on vacation and going to Logan Blvd, beach, pool, park and grandma and papa’s house and having visitors. We even got some family photos taken. Marc thinks he looks awful and weird in all of them but I think he looks great.  





a few of the kids.




I can’t believe she will be one next week.


On Marc’s first day off we went to visit our nieces and nephew. Rosie was sure glad that Daddy was there so she could eat his nose.



Jims had a great time on their mini trampoline.


The minis talked meat and vegetables and later they practiced walking together with Isla’s walker. It was super cute.


Yay for Berenice and Henry joining us at the beach!


Fun in the Sun!




This time the kids played in the baby pool for about 10 minutes but at least I was able to take some cute photos of them.



and we still have a week of Daddy time left. Hurray!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Aunts and Uncles Galore!

This morning we were up at our usual 6am time and today there was a little surprise in Jimmy and Isa’s room…and it starts with the letter P. Marc cleaned up Jimmy, and I started on the floor. After an hour of cleaning, I went back to bed and slept till 9. I was exhausted because I was out late dancing my body off at Mandy and Greg’s wedding. It was tons of fun and the entire Harrison family was out on the dance floor. By the end of the night my knees felt like they were broken and my body ached. It was worth the pain and was a fantastic dance party!

This was the only photo I took at the wedding but they did have a cool photo booth (but I don’t have a scanner to scan those pics). Marc and his brothers and sisters.


After my morning nap I continued to clean the floor and toys etc. and Marc went to the store and rented one of those carpet steamers and then steamed the kids’ room. The carpet is now so fresh and so clean clean!

Jonny and Lisa stopped by to hang out and we went to Sculpture Park on McCormick Blvd. This was our party when we started. Isa only rode her bike for 100 yards and then decided to ride in the stroller. Marc took the bike back to the car. It was a good move because we walked for a long time. Actually, it was too far to walk back again, so I told Marc to run back and get the car and he did.  He was also very tired from dancing the night before, but he does what the Dad needs to do. 


Lisa pushed the stroller the whole way. It was Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!




Rosie slept most of the time.



Lisa got stung by a bee on her finger. Boo!


Isa spotted this Weeping Willow tree and insisted we go…she thought it was like a living room underneath.


oh wait, there’s another Weeping Willow tree!


a cool pic of Jims!


Snack Time!


Goofy Isa


Most of the sculptures we saw on our walk.

2011 August ellie randy statue walk botanic gardens

Then Aunt Ellie, Uncle Randy and Aunt Tessa stopped by! Hooray!

Jimmy rubbed his fingers on Randy’s stubbly chin while Randy read him the book. It was so cute.


Girl shot! I don’t know what’s with Isa’s expression. I think it was perfect a half of a second before.


Cutie Rosie!


Ellie and Randy played baseball with Isa. Isa was on a roll and that meant going into our neighbor’s yard several times to find her ball. Ellie was a fantastic pitcher.


Jims (behind Jimmy Isa is about to go over the fence to get her ball).


A perfect pitch!


Jonny and Lisa made us a wonderful dinner and now all the kids are in bed. Yay! It was great to have so many visitors because I needed some help to get through this day. Buenas Noches!