Sunday, August 7, 2011

Aunts and Uncles Galore!

This morning we were up at our usual 6am time and today there was a little surprise in Jimmy and Isa’s room…and it starts with the letter P. Marc cleaned up Jimmy, and I started on the floor. After an hour of cleaning, I went back to bed and slept till 9. I was exhausted because I was out late dancing my body off at Mandy and Greg’s wedding. It was tons of fun and the entire Harrison family was out on the dance floor. By the end of the night my knees felt like they were broken and my body ached. It was worth the pain and was a fantastic dance party!

This was the only photo I took at the wedding but they did have a cool photo booth (but I don’t have a scanner to scan those pics). Marc and his brothers and sisters.


After my morning nap I continued to clean the floor and toys etc. and Marc went to the store and rented one of those carpet steamers and then steamed the kids’ room. The carpet is now so fresh and so clean clean!

Jonny and Lisa stopped by to hang out and we went to Sculpture Park on McCormick Blvd. This was our party when we started. Isa only rode her bike for 100 yards and then decided to ride in the stroller. Marc took the bike back to the car. It was a good move because we walked for a long time. Actually, it was too far to walk back again, so I told Marc to run back and get the car and he did.  He was also very tired from dancing the night before, but he does what the Dad needs to do. 


Lisa pushed the stroller the whole way. It was Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!




Rosie slept most of the time.



Lisa got stung by a bee on her finger. Boo!


Isa spotted this Weeping Willow tree and insisted we go…she thought it was like a living room underneath.


oh wait, there’s another Weeping Willow tree!


a cool pic of Jims!


Snack Time!


Goofy Isa


Most of the sculptures we saw on our walk.

2011 August ellie randy statue walk botanic gardens

Then Aunt Ellie, Uncle Randy and Aunt Tessa stopped by! Hooray!

Jimmy rubbed his fingers on Randy’s stubbly chin while Randy read him the book. It was so cute.


Girl shot! I don’t know what’s with Isa’s expression. I think it was perfect a half of a second before.


Cutie Rosie!


Ellie and Randy played baseball with Isa. Isa was on a roll and that meant going into our neighbor’s yard several times to find her ball. Ellie was a fantastic pitcher.


Jims (behind Jimmy Isa is about to go over the fence to get her ball).


A perfect pitch!


Jonny and Lisa made us a wonderful dinner and now all the kids are in bed. Yay! It was great to have so many visitors because I needed some help to get through this day. Buenas Noches!

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