Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Overlake School Cookbook

So far I have made two recipes. I made the banana bread and the iced lemon soup. The banana bread was great, even Marc liked it and he’s not a huge fan. I have yet to try the iced lemon soup because it needs to chill for 8 hours so it will be ready late tonight. I’m not too excited about it. Cold soup is not something I’m drawn towards. Plus, there is cream in this soup. I LOVE cream but not cold…actually that’s kind of a lie but not in cold soup and with lemon juice…it just seems gross. I hope that I am proven wrong tomorrow and that it taste yummy. Thankfully there are only two cold soups in this cook book. By the way, I’m just picking a couple of recipes at random to do in a week. I want to start off strong and do a lot but I will probably slow down soon. Yay for fall though and cooking weather.

I learned something pretty cool while making the banana bread. It all started with my failed grocery store run. I ALWAYS forget one or two or three things. Sometimes I remember that I have forgotten something right before I am checking out but am too lazy to go get it. This time I just plain forgot to buy the buttermilk. Marc and I have a pancake recipe that we love and it calls for buttermilk and usually when in this situation I just add a little butter to the recipe. Today I learned that isn’t the best way to go! I googled butte and buttermilk substitute came up before I even finished typing the word. I chose to get my information from Joy the Baker.  She states that buttermilk is slightly soured milk (that might be a direct quote…if you check me and it is, let me know and I will add quotes!).  One way to make a substitute is by combining a cup of milk with a tablespoon of lemon juice and let that sit for two minutes. I did it! It was a fun experiment and I could see lumps in the milk. I added that to my banana bread and it was fantastic!



Fingers crossed for a yummy cold soup?! If it’s not so yummy, I will heat it up and see how it taste hot.

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  1. I'm not a big fan of cold soups either, but I think that I've only had savory ones like gazpacho. I've never been that tempted by the recipes I've seen. If you like it though, I might look for a recipe to try. Of course, it won't surprise me if after you try a number of recipes that I don't buy the same cookbook.