Friday, August 26, 2011

Rosie is a one year old!


Rosie is so old! Her first birthday came quick. It’s so amazing to have her around and to not be a baby anymore even though she looks like one. She’s so tiny. Rosie’s favorite things to do are playing with my phone, playing with the remote (you would think she found gold), eating I mean shredding paper, and finding the tightest spots to crawl through, above, below…all of the above and then scream like a dragon if she gets stuck. She hates it when you put her down. The key to putting her down is to put my phone, the remote, and paper on the floor and then she will dive to the floor. Rosie has signed a few words like more, eat, hurray, and she will clap and stomp her feet when she hears If you are happy and you know it. She loves to use Jimmy as something to crawl on. Jimmy has no idea what to do when she does that. I think her favorite person is Jimmy. They talk to each other in their babble and shake their heads together. The both smile so widely when they see each other.

For her first birthday we had a JeanieB dance party. It was lots of fun.


Rosie’s grandparents are the best and let us use their house. Thank goodness because it rained the entire time and the party had to be indoors.


Rosie’s partying with her almost one year old cousin!


I think she had fun.




Isa insisted we buy a 1 candle. I made this cake and if you look at it up close you would see the worst frosting job EVER! The cake actually broke in half when I flipped it and the frosting was crumbilicious!


Rosie LOVED it when everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. Her legs were swinging wildly!


Party Favors!


She had her one year appointment and her length was 26 3/4 (3%) and her weight was 13# 14 ounces (not on the chart). The doc was a little concerned (he actually went back and fourth trying to decide, do we do blood work or not) and in the end he decided to do blood work just in case. She’s developing normally and hitting all the milestones that she  should be hitting , YAY.

Rosie’s weight and length compared to Jimmy and Isa…

               Rosie      Jimmy       Isa

weight 13.14       13.10       17.12

length  26 3/4    27 1/4    29 1/4

Rosie loving her dad! We went to Pickles on her actual birthday for some fun.


She loved this ultra tiny slide!


We love you Rosie!


  1. We love you too Rosie!

    - Emma, Leticia & Nathan

  2. oh rosie i cant believe you are one already. i seems like your mom just said she was pregnant:) you are a beautiful little one with a great big sis and brother. Happy birthday

    are those mardi gras beads i see?:)

    thanks you for the sweet comment yesterday. Yes i want the boys to meetsooner rather than later, we will have to work on that seriously, it would be so fun, not just for them but for all of us