Friday, September 30, 2011

An Amazing Week!

Some weeks in your life stand out and this is definitely one of those weeks. Why, you ask. Let me make a list!

1. Basement play room- painted

2. Bathroom-old grout and caulk removed and replaced

3. Slept in every morning

4. Went out to Nuevo Depot Restaurant

5. Laundry- magically done

How? That ‘s the real question and the answer is Bebe Leigh! I call her mom most of the time but I call her Bebe Leigh a lot and I think she likes it. Smile The Bebes (another nick name) played with Rosie and Jimmy from 5-7am every morning. Who does that? She must be a saint. Next up, as soon as the kids were in school or napping she was painting or cleaning or removing grout. Every time I got tired and sat down and took a break, I noticed that the Bebester (should be  her license plate) just picked up her pace. She is the best! My bathroom has annoyed me since we moved in with that black color under the caulk. Now it’s gone! The basement looks so much bigger and prettier and cleaner now. The best part is that she came on Monday and it’s only Thursday so we still have a few days to just have fun.


Thank you MOM!


6. Jimmy was given my nephew’s old (look brand new) snow suit, fleeces, sweaters etc. Tons of money saved! Thank you Janet and Kit and Al (mostly for being bigger than Jimmy so that he can get your old stuff and for not staining or ripping your clothes)!

7. New clothing labels. I just bought some really cool labels that you stick on your kids clothes. The site is They were on the clothes I got from Janet and they are seriously genius. I can never write Harrison small enough on the labels and so I end up writing HAR on the clothes. No bueno. I can’t wait to get them.

8. Next week is birthday week for Marc and then next up, ME! Cheers!

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  1. Well, well, well... That is good to know. Can you let Mom know that our bathroom needs some work too.

    Just kidding. I am glad to hear that yall are having a good time.