Saturday, September 3, 2011

Busy in the kitchen…

First off, the iced lemon soup was no bueno. Since then, I have made Green Chili Pasta, Green Beans al Pesto, Baked Halibut in Sour Cream, and West Haven Cake.

The Green Chili Pasta was good and easy. The hardest step was making the bacon, draining the bacon juice and then measure a 1/4 of the cup to put back in the pan to sauté all the other ingredients. Besides the first step, you pretty much just open a bunch of cans and throw it in. Next time I will make it with a spicier pepper.

Green Beans al Pesto was also good. The kids did not like the pesto so I rinsed it off and gave the kids plain green beans. It calls for 2-3 lemons. I think when in this situation in the future I will always put in the smaller amount. I tend to over-lemon.

Baked Halibut was good and expensive.  I ordered the halibut without looking at the price…I won’t make that mistake again. The recipe was super easy and could be done with a cheaper white fish and would probably taste about the same. I think I over cooked it just a tad. The kids ate it up though.

Westhaven Cake might be the best thing ever. It looks absolutely amazing. It’s made with dates, which made me a little less excited about it, but it was delicious! I left it at my in-laws but I’m pretty sure it’s all gone now. It was 92% gone when I left. I had two big pieces. Yummy. The dates sit in boiled water till it cools and then you puree it before you put it in the cake mix. It ends up being a form of sugar. You put chocolate chips and nuts on the top of the cake and sprinkle it with powdered sugar once it comes out of the oven. It was so good. Marc has requested it for his birthday. Thank God because I really want to make it again!


And there’s more food being made! I have had bruised feet for the last week with all this standing on hardwood floors for hours at a time. I’m not meant to be a chef.

After School Smoothie was a yummy success for me and Jimmy. Isa didn’t like it for some reason. It had all her favorite fruit in there. Who knows!

Gazpacho soup was so good. It felt so healthy, and it had a little kick to it. The kids didn’t like it too much because of the kick, but I thought it was fabulous and I will eat it all up. Now I can say I like one cold soup!

Crawfish boil. Marc and I made the crawfish together and it was fun to see the live critters swim in our sink. Marc asked Isa if she wanted to eat one and she said she did—that kid will try almost anything.  Isa thought they were cool and tasty. We made a tarter sauce and an orange sauce for dipping. It was easy peasy and fun.

2011 September soccer cooking basement

Here’s a video of Isa eating some crawfish.  Jimmy is down on the floor somewhere making a toy sing him ‘Old MacDonald’ over and over, but just ignore that part (also ignore Rosie making sounds like a baby dragon… her favorite thing to do):


Creole Zucchini – I loved this dish and so did Marc. It was basically butter plus flour plus a can of stewed tomatoes and some spices. I might try baking it for a shorter time next go around since Marc hates mushy zucchini. They weren’t mushy to me. It was a super easy recipe and tasty.

2011 September soccer cooking basement1

Finally, I made some fried apples. The apples were fried in butter and sugar with a touch of vinegar. Yummo. Yes, I stole that from Rachael Ray.


I have a long way to go before making ALL the recipes in this book but it’s gonna happen.

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  1. Looks good, but I think you forgot to add the video (or maybe it just hasn't come up yet on my computer).

    As for the feet, I sew standing and I was having a really hard time with my feet until I found that I just didn't have enough arch support. Turns out if I put three layers of arch support (I just pile them one on top of the other) that I rarely have issues now. It's funny because my arches never hurt, just my heels and other places on my feet (and back), but the extra arch supports fixed all that. I don't know if that is your issue, but it helped me so I thought I'd mention it.