Saturday, September 3, 2011

Marc’s a coach

Marc is coach of the Blue Birds. He does a great job and the girls have improved so much from last week to this week. After the first game (and seeing the girls get beat…even though no one is keeping score) he started two a days. Ha! Just kidding. But, wouldn’t that be crazy funny? They play great defense. Isa scored a goal and has prevented a few goals on the other team. It’s so fun to watch.

Look at him encouraging her. “Yes, you can wear pink shorts, you look fabulous!”


Working on passing.


This is a ball.


Jumping Jacks! There is nothing cuter than five year old girls doing jumping jacks.


Yea, I played awesomely!


It’s hard to see but Isa is trying to cut off this girl. She was such a great defensive player.


Rosie’s Store! Visa or MasterCard?


I bought it!


Soccer is the best!

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