Monday, September 12, 2011

Timberlee 2011

We had a great weekend in Wisconsin with all the folks below and the one thing we have in common is we all love someone with Down syndrome. 306431_2239888990580_1048694755_2525211_759547_n

I love going and hope we go to stuff like this in the future because it’s just so nice to do fun stuff with the family. When we are home there is just too many things we could be doing or should be doing or whatever and when we are out we can just have fun. We had some rough nights with Rosie but I think the nights will get  better as the kids get older. Fingers crossed.

What did we do? We watched Jimmy do a duet with Laura.IMAG0438

and play jump rope.


Rosie looked cute.


These kids are not shy. Encore!


Jordan (if he had a basketball, a hoop, and Nikes)…or better yet “Just JACK (from Will and Grace)!”


Blue eye girl!


I think we can safely say Jimmy is a walker. He walked so much all by himself and even more with a hand holding onto him. He walks slow and mostly steady! It’s so awesome.


The hayride was awesome for Isa and her bff over the weekend, Tabitha.


Jimmy loved the hayride too. He just looked out at all the trees, grass, corn, soybeans, barns etc. It was cool to watch him take it all in.


Rosie did not have fun. She squealed and squirmed pretty much the whole time. Marc and I just passed her back and forth. Good times for us! Look at that face of joy and imagine the sound of a dragon accompanying it!


We watched Isa scale the rock wall. Her goal was to climb up ten rocks and I think she accomplished that goal.


Marc watched Isa ride a horse.


Whoa horsey!


We roasted marshmallows…Isa is a pro.


Isa and Tabitha chased Julian around (he was an older boy) in the dark. Thank goodness for the glow in the dark necklace or I would have lost her.


These two girls had so much fun together. I think this is their second smore.


The best part of the weekend for me was the talent show. Isa and Tabitha had three acts. First act, swing a jump rope around so super duper fast. They practiced so much. It was HILARIOUS! When they were on stage they asked us not to laugh but it was just so cute you couldn’t help it.

Here the girls are “backstage” preparing to be introduced!


They did a ballet routine. Check out the anguish in Isa’s face.


and here too. I almost cried with laughter.


It was a joy to watch these two perform. Below are the links to the jump rope and twinkle little star act. In my opinion they were the stars of the night.

Marc wanted me to take more photos of Jimmy going to and from school. Here are a few. The first is Jimmy walking down the hall with his teacher to his class.


Here Jimmy is getting off the bus.


He just walks inside! It’s so glorious!


Then he smiles like the cutie man he is and I am forced to take lots of pictures!

2011 september timber lee and more

And, just because I feel she kind of got left out of this post, here is a cute one of Rosie. She climbs into and out of everything. She tries to walk but her legs give out. She tries though with no fear. I fold the clothes and she throws them out. We make a great team!


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