Sunday, October 9, 2011

and the cooking continues…

French Bread Pizza- Let’s me just say that everyone ate it! Hooray! It was simple. I changed the recipe up just a smidge by cutting the french bread into slices instead of just in half length way because it would be easier for the kids to eat. My sister in law, Janet, has a taco bar where the kids can choose their own toppings and it makes dinner more fun and her kids and Isa love it. This is similar type thing. The kids can make their own pizza and put on their own toppings and then you bake and serve. Voila!

Brown Sugar Chews- I haven’t tried them yet but the batter tasted so good that I rushed to the computer so I could write about it while inspired. I think I am making candy brownies. There are only 6 ingredients and I had all of them and as I started I thought something must not be right. There are four dry ingredients, flour, baking powder, sugar and walnuts and then two eggs and vanilla…how does that make a wet mixture to then be baked or so I wondered. But, it does and it taste like candy. I cleaned the spoon and then had a sip of my normally super sweet chai latte and it tasted bland. Boo! I can’t wait to take these “camping” with us this weekend. I really should start packing…

Spinach Dip- I have eaten many store bought spinach dips that were gross. In fact, the only kind I really like is from Treasure Island. My in-laws have it a lot and I love it. This dip is just as good and it takes 5 seconds to make.  I took this dip to Timberlee to share with other families and everyone liked it. It was mentioned several times during the talent show. Needless to say that I brought the best talent! jk

Odile’s Apple Cake- Hmmm, this cake was not so great. It all started when my brother Jonny, his wife Lisa, and her dad took Isa and Jimmy apple picking.


Even Jimmy helped!

They all had a great time and Lisa and Isa wanted to make an apple pie. I was able to persuade them to make this apple cake instead. I noticed the cake had almond extract in it and I thought about nixing it but I decided it was best to follow the recipe as is. I won’t make that mistake again. I don’t like it and although everyone ate the piece they were served, no one raved about it or asked for seconds. I threw out the remains. The picture below is Lisa working hard making the inside of the cake.


Apple Dumplings- I made some apple dumplings because I still had lots of apples to use. I thought it was really good. Jo tried it and although she didn’t say it was bad she didn’t say it was great either. Isa was not interested in it.


Mexican Lasagna-There is not much to say about this one. It’s super easy to make. Everyone ate it including the kids. It was good but it reminded me of cafeteria food. Edible and easy but I probably won’t make it again.

Butter Lettuce and Egg Salad- I loved this one. No one else had any. The recipe includes a yummy, creamy salad dressing. It’s easy and light (except for the heavy cream) :). I need to make my own dressing more often. I feel like a real chef when I do it!

Lemony Barbecued Chicken- The recipe is pretty much just a marinade. It’s easy to throw together and odds are you have everything in your kitchen already. You are supposed to marinade the chicken for two to three hours and I did it for 2 days. I finally cooked it and it was so good. The chicken was super tender and I’m guessing it’s because it marinated for two days.


Laredo Salad-this was a great, fresh salad that included another yummy dressing. I will definitely be making it again and again. Plus, if you have left-overs you can turn it into gazpacho soup.

World’s best turkey soup- Soup is soup and it’s hard to make a bad soup. The recipe includes making your own stock. It stated to fill with water until you cover the bones and veggies. I did just that but I think it was more water than the recipe really wanted. My soup was watery but still edible.

Butterhorns-These rolls were good and super easy to make. I made them as a side to the Turkey soup and it worked.

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  1. Wow, you're really trucking through those recipes. What makes the spinach dip special?