Sunday, October 23, 2011

Surprise! Bebe Leigh is 60!

My four brothers, my dad, my sister in laws Leticia and Lisa, Jess, the four grandkids and I surprised my mom on her 60th birthday. She thought she was on a weekend trip with my dad but we knew better.  Months ago my dad called with the plan and everyone helped to make it awesome! Even though she knew she was flying into Chicago she wasn’t sure if she would see us. She woke up on Friday morning and was expecting a little breakfast with Jonny and Lisa but she breakfasted with EVERYONE!


The best part was she was surprised again and again. At first she thought it was just me and my kids, then she saw Luke and Jess, then she saw Nate, Leticia and Emma and then she saw Jacob.

Jimmy loved surprising Grandma Bebe!


Isa has been beyond excited all week and ran up to Grandma Bebe with the sign she decorated.


Nate, Jess and Luke practiced and practiced their surprise hands so they would get them just right!


It was a wonderful surprise!

2011 October Bebe Leigh's birthday surprise

After breakfast we headed to the Museum of Science and Industry and checked out the Dr. Seuss exhibit. It was great! Jimmy walked everywhere and checked everything out.

2011 October Bebe Leigh's birthday surprise1

It’s  such a great museum. Everyone explored everything and we got separated rather quickly.

2011 October Bebe Leigh's birthday surprise2 

After the museum we went back to home base. My in-laws let a ton of my family stay at their house so everyone would be close together. We all rested a bit and then took family photos. I will post those when I get them.

Isa had so much fun with her Aunt Leticia and her cousin Emma.


Uncle Nate got to hang out with Rosie. She’s smiling because she stole his phone in record time.


Was I that funny?


Emma is the cutest little thing in the world. It’s shocking that Emma and Rosie are three months apart. Emma’s in the 75% for height and Rosie’s in the first and it seems like they are a year or two apart. We put her to work…the statistical factoring has to be done.


Yes, we treat our kid the same way and put her to work as well.


This is complicated stuff!


Then (and yes, this is all in the same day) after photos we went out to the Piccolo theatre in Evanston and saw The Comedy of Errors. It was a fantastic production.





Day Two!

We had a yummy breakfast at 621 and then Bebe opened presents!



Luke drew mom a great blue duck!


Isa drew Grandma a rainbow!


So many fun things!


Emma did a little dance!


and although she tried to cover it up, she gave me a smile!


That afternoon Marc took Isa and Jimmy to a work party with a bounce house and the rest of us relaxed and played games while Emma and Rosie took a nap. That night we went to watch NU play Penn State and sadly lose.


There were a few die hard fans there but none as crazy as this Texas fan.


Happy Birthday Mom! We’ll do this again when you are 100!  Gooooooooooo Wittigs!

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  1. We had a great time! You, Marc, Jonny & Lisa were great host. Happy Birthday Mom!