Friday, November 25, 2011

Rosie is 15 months old!


She loves to play with leaves! She can sign train, please, banana, cracker and probably other ones too but I can’t think of them. She can say Daddy (according to Marc) definitely da da and ma ma and na na (for banana). She is talking all the time even though we generally don’t know what she is saying. When she is sitting in her high chair she signs please repeatedly hoping for something more tasty. She doesn’t know the signs for all the different foods (neither do I) so she goes with please.


She had her 15 month check up today and got three shots. She handles them quite well. Her height is 28 1/2 inches (5-10%) and her weight is 15.2 (1%) and her head is 17 3/8 (10%).


She holds her own like nobody’s business. She will flail her limbs and throw her head back if she doesn’t get her way. It has led her to many head bumps on the floor and wall. She’s so incredible feisty.


She just got her third tooth. It’s on the top. She loves dance parties and her brother and sister.


She loves to swing. In fact, when Isa and Jimmy went to the leaf pile to play with Daddy, she bee-lined to the swing set to get the swings all to herself.


She missed out on some good fun.


She didn’t care!


She will swing any way you let her!


Rosie laid down on the ground and Jimmy decided to join her. They smiled and talked to one another. They still share their food and drinks with one another and love to splash around in the bath tub.


Rosie’s thinking, I got you right where I want you…in the palm of my hand.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Trot!

Family fun…kinda sorta! We made a game day decision to take everyone. We went back and forth from maybe Marc going solo or all of us going. We weren’t sure if it was worth all the work. I think it was!

Everyone packed in the car and waiting for Marc to get our race packets.


The race is about to start…actually I think it already started but we were way in the back so we had to wait a long time before we got to the start of the race.


Me and Rosie! We made a great team.


Rosie and I were off the path nearly the whole time and my arms were like jelly after two miles. I had nothing to prove! so we stopped shortly after that and waited for Marc, Jimmy and Rosie at the finish line.


Marc ran it much faster than the time shown. We started at 6 minutes and then just stood around for a few more minutes and then walked very slowly till we could pass people. I don’t want you to think I married a man who runs a 12 minute mile! JK! 

Off to Aunt Laine’s house for some yummy food!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Outside fun and a daddy/daughter trip downtown.

The last two weekends have been lots of fun. We had a nice warm weekend and we all played outside.


Jimmy threw the Frisbee to Rosie and she went after it!


Jimmy clapped after Rosie got it!


Rosie’s shouting ba ba, which means, me me!


Rosie’s thinking, this is easy!


Moving on to soccer.


I got soccer down too!




Stair time. It’s good exercise!


They are working on their team strategy for the big race against Isa.


And they are OFF!


Coming home. Rosie still has the ball and Isa’s in second place. Will she win it? It was a tie! Hooray for everyone!


It’s swing time! Daddy loves to give Jimmy kisses and Jimmy laughs and laughs and laughs!


Rosie climbs anything and everything. She falls a LOT too. She’s thinking, I can do it all by myself…back away now!


Just to prove that I was playing too! Isa and I played this game where you want the ball to end up in the other person’s side of  the yard when the time runs out. It was a super fun game (and no holding the ball and throwing it at the last second!).


Northwestern Football Fun! Jeph took us all to the pregame fun at Northwestern. We listened to the band and to other music and played bean bags and Isa had her face painted. It was a great morning and Rosie and Jimmy took a long nap afterwards.

Jimmy is thinking about his next move.


and he’s off!


Isabella warming up for a game but then she got bored and went away!


Football is more fun.


Jeph found the band practicing in the gym. Jimmy can’t believe it!


It was a private performance for us!


Jimmy loved it the most. Jeph was a pretty close second!


Rosie was glad she had her football although life would’ve been better if she had two. She LOVES having two of everything. Two books, two shakers, two crackers, everything in twos.




Close up of the band.


Back outside waiting for the band to come out in uniform.


Jimmy and Rosie tossing the football. It was a long pass and Rosie jumped for it and landed right on her padded behind. Jimmy is giving her her due.


Isa looking awesome with her cool face paint.


Then the band played for us again. It was great. Rosie seemed a little nervous. I think the flag girls worried her.

2011 Nov outside fun

Next up, Isa goes downtown with Daddy. Marc worked from home today but needed a few things from the office. He asked Isa if she wanted to go and she couldn’t stop giggling with excitement. The first thing they did when they got downtown was fuel up with a hotdog and fries.


Then they walked to Daddy’s office. It’s a long walk so they stopped along the way to take pictures.


We Made It! Isa informed me that the tree was fake.


“Yes, dad, I am working. Are done taking my picture?” Isa clearly had work to do. She loves writing and wanted to inform the world what quarters and pennies are worth. Please note the I (heart) mom on the yellow legal pad…you don’t want to miss that!  Marc tells me that it eventually ended up with a I (heart) Jimmy too (Rosie gets left out of these things because Isa can’t remember how to spell Rosie yet).


This is pure joy for Isa. She was so excited about riding the water taxi back to the train station. She can not contain her happiness.


I think Marc just sold her on being a lawyer…I mean if you ride a boat to work! What could be better?!


Clearly TWIZZLERS were involved!


Isa was beaming when she arrived home. It was wonderful.

A few other cute photos. Rosie having fun with her daddy!


Jimmy and Isa going to sleep. They are almost always in the same bed. My little cutie pies!


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for my family immediate and beyond. I hope everyone has a safe and joyous holiday!