Sunday, November 13, 2011


So, Christi now expects that I will write a post for the former TKAHAMCH every time she goes out of town and leaves me with the kids.  I don’t think I should have to deal with this sort of responsibility; as my grandfather once told me, “man was not made for work.”  Anyway, the goal for when Christi is gone is to convince the kids that, really, Mom is the only thing holding us back from having chocolate cake with every meal:


When Dad’s in charge we don’t wear bibs – who needs a bib when you’re not wearing a shirt:


Isa went to the circus on Saturday with her “silly friend.”  I think maybe someone at school told Isa she wasn’t supposed to have “best” friends, so she invented “silly friend.”  While she was at the circus (her favorite parts were the “tricks with fire”),   Jimmy and Rosie had fun outside:






Isa played outside too or, at least, made speeches while outside. 

Rosie and Jimmy love to play together, but it’s really hard to get it on camera because no matter what they’re doing they want to grab the camera more.  This was as close as I got this weekend.  Rosie has just given him four or five hugs, but it turned into more of a two-handed slap by the time I got the camera started. 

Meanwhile, this is what Christi was doing in WI, I assume.  In the first picture, she is in line just in front of the gentleman in the striped shirt. 

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  1. Did she bring home some LaCrosse Lager, the genuine article?