Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Halloween day was long and when it was time for trick or treating I was all worn out. Thankfully Jeph took Isa trick or treating while the Jims and the Rosie ate dinner, took a bath, and went to bed. Only one trick or treater came to our house. We live on the forgotten block.

The day started with a costume parade at Isa’s school. The 8th graders hold hands with the kindergarteners. It’s very cute.



Isa’s class with the 8th graders.


You have to work hard to get into the classroom. I volunteered to organize a craft as a way to get myself in. It was so much fun to see the teachers and the kids in action. The other two moms and I were almost useless but we loved being there. They made spooky spider webs.


Isa had ballet on Halloween and for some reason they made it at a later time. Errr. But, they did a little performance for all the parents and it was fun to watch. Jimmy and Rosie thought it was great too.



Here they are about to start and Isa thought she would stand in front of everyone. The teacher moved her to a different spot that was on the opposite side of the room as us so this is the only photo I got.


So somehow between a Halloween party and Halloween itself, Jimmy never got in costume. I decided he had to dress up even if it was after the fact and Isa picked his Halloween costume from two years ago. Luckily we could still get it on him. He preferred the unzipped look.

Just another day on the ranch.


Maybe I should head out and do some work.


First, I need to put on a bad a$$ handkerchief.


and check my butt out in these tight tight jeans.


Maybe I’ll even belt out a tune or two… anything is better than work!


Wait, you have this movie?


I love this one.


Forget work. Put it ON!


What are you not understanding? Do you sign? This is the sign for time as in Signing Time!!!


Work with me!


Things got pretty ugly till it was turned on. He is one tough cowboy!

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  1. So funny. You weren't even making those things up, that's exactly what Jimmy was thinking.