Friday, November 25, 2011

Rosie is 15 months old!


She loves to play with leaves! She can sign train, please, banana, cracker and probably other ones too but I can’t think of them. She can say Daddy (according to Marc) definitely da da and ma ma and na na (for banana). She is talking all the time even though we generally don’t know what she is saying. When she is sitting in her high chair she signs please repeatedly hoping for something more tasty. She doesn’t know the signs for all the different foods (neither do I) so she goes with please.


She had her 15 month check up today and got three shots. She handles them quite well. Her height is 28 1/2 inches (5-10%) and her weight is 15.2 (1%) and her head is 17 3/8 (10%).


She holds her own like nobody’s business. She will flail her limbs and throw her head back if she doesn’t get her way. It has led her to many head bumps on the floor and wall. She’s so incredible feisty.


She just got her third tooth. It’s on the top. She loves dance parties and her brother and sister.


She loves to swing. In fact, when Isa and Jimmy went to the leaf pile to play with Daddy, she bee-lined to the swing set to get the swings all to herself.


She missed out on some good fun.


She didn’t care!


She will swing any way you let her!


Rosie laid down on the ground and Jimmy decided to join her. They smiled and talked to one another. They still share their food and drinks with one another and love to splash around in the bath tub.


Rosie’s thinking, I got you right where I want you…in the palm of my hand.



  1. Wow already? Cute fall photos!

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