Sunday, November 13, 2011

short stories by Isa and more…

This first picture is of Jimmy. This is where he falls asleep nearly every night, right by the door and the nightlight. Sometimes he is so close to the door that we can’t open it and we have to slowly pry it open. He likes to sleep like a ball. He prefers his own body heat to a blanket.


Isa’s Wild man that she made at school. Her wild man can fly. Right next to it is a Jimmy man that he made at his school. Rosie walks over to the Jimmy man picture all the time and pats it. She loves it!


Isa was child of the week and she was interviewed by her class. This was the result of the interview and she told us that she really does like spaghetti and meatballs but that she couldn’t think of anything so she just said that. The rest of the interview is true!


Isa made some Halloween decorations. This is a pumpkin house with ghost flying all around it. She is safe inside.


The Little Bear by Isa (Isa came to me with this picture and a crayon and told me to write down her story and then did it four more times that night)


One day there was a little bear and that bear was really tired. He was really sick. So the little bear went to the doctor and the doctor said he had a cavity. Then he went back home and drank some hot cocoa. Then he took a nap. Then when he woke up he felt better. Then he played games with his dad. The mom and dad got the little bear a present. It was a gumball machine, his favorite toy.          The End!

The Perfect Snail by Isa


One day there was a little snail. He was gliding along a leaf. He smelled the most delicious smell he could smell. He looked around to see where the smell was coming from. Then he totally found it, it was a big candy box. Then he ate the candy box and then when he was half way through he realized there were baby snails inside. They were eating lollipops. The he came back for the little baby snails and he took them home. He put them to bed and he lied down too. The little baby snails were so happy that he brought them home so they went to get the daddy snail a present. It was a box of candy for everybody to share inside the family. The End!

The Colorful Caterpillar by Isabella Grace Harrison


Once upon a time there was a colorful caterpillar. The caterpillar found a place to live. The place he wanted to live was a caterpillar hotel. The hotel had lots of good things to give to him. On Christmas the truck brought all the presents to the hotel (trucks are referring to UPS and FedEx). The caterpillar had babies. The little baby caterpillar went out at night to buy a present for the mommy. Inside the morning, the baby put the powder for the mom on the mom. Then when the mom woke up that morning, her happy surprise came. It was that she was colorful. Then the mama caterpillar ran to the store and got the little baby a baby ball. After the mama caterpillar gave the baby the present, the mom and the baby lied down together all night and hugged each other. It was a very merry Christmas! The End!

As you can read there is a clear theme: PRESENTS! I think she likes presents. Smile 

For the next day and a half (assuming there is wireless internet here) I will be making a baby book for Rosie! I was standing in one spot when I took both pictures.


spacious and kid-less…


Thank you Marc for allowing me to get away! I’m excited about sleeping in! There was no internet so I just relaxed on Friday night and then went to a Starbucks to upload my blog so I could make a baby book for Rosie. It was a great time.

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  1. May I commission a Wild Man? I feel my home is lacking without one.