Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Gift of Giving!

One of the things Isa did this advent season was gather up a bag of toys to give away. Most of the time I drop off bags of stuff at the salvation army or a rummage sale but this year we got to take the stuff right to a family’s house. This family just moved to the United States from Burma (now named Myanmar), one of the least developed countries in the world. It was a long journey as they spent several years in India before getting refugee status in the US. They are now connected with my brother and his wife whose goal is to welcome them and help them adjust and meet with them weekly. They met them through Exodus World Service which is a non-profit that helps refugees and it’s connected with Catholic Charities. The family consists of four adults (mom, dad, aunt and nephew) and four kids, 8 year old girl,Makim, 6 year old twin girls, Kokum and Momu and a 2 year old boy, Beldic. The kids are in school and the adults are taking English classes and applying for jobs. We tried to find out what job they were applying for and we couldn’t figure it out. Google needs to brush up on this rare dialect for translation purposes!

Up until yesterday they had very few toys, then Isa showed up! It was great fun.

Getting ready to open up Barbies!


It’s amazing because Makim’s been in the US school system for a very short time and as soon as she opened it she said, “Barbies” clear as day.



Then the doll house was brought out and I have to say that I have never seen four people play so quietly like they did. The adults could talk freely (very simply though with the language difficulties). There were no interruptions. They reached across one another over and over again but stayed focus. There was not one argument, not one anything, just quiet play time.



The adults got gifts too from Jonny and Lisa. The kids did not notice!


This little boy Beldic is going to be famous one day. I can just tell! He was so adorable.


New Fleeces!


Then they got socks! Everyone’s favorite gift for Christmas. Jonny showed them how to use them!


Lisa said, “No, no Jonny, like this!”


*Thankfully Isa was there to set everyone straight.


Once Beldic found the color thingamajiggy he went to town. He definitely had a purpose when he put that magnetic pen on the screen-thing!


They were such a welcoming family and full of smiles. It would have been nice to have a real conversation but I’m guessing their English will improve very quickly. Isa loved handing out gifts. She was a little shy with the language barrier and I think she felt out numbered. She showed them how a few of the toys worked and I could tell she was a little embarrassed when demonstrating. It was a good experience though and one I hope we repeat again and again. Merry Christmas!

*they knew what the socks were and how to use them!;)

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